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June 4th 2014
Published: June 7th 2014
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We arrived at our gite in St Jean Pied de Port at 8:30 pm, the 4th of June - a full 24 & 1/2 hours after leaving Ottawa - 32 hours taking into account the time change - both fully exhausted. It turns out Tanya has one of my three curses - curse 1) sleeping in anything that moves is impossible...

Plane from Ottawa to Frankfurt - plane from Frankfurt to Madrid - train from Madrid to Pamplona - automobile (taxi) from Pamplona to St Jean Pied de Port - the only missing mode of travel - a slow boat to somewhere - I know what you're thinking Danielle...

We almost cried (ok I teared up) when we finally got to our room at a gite Azkorria - first of all two single beds - second our own toilet and shower - curse 2) I can not have a movement in anything that moves or in a public washroom or if I am in earshot or think I am in earshot of any other human being - otherwise known as bashful bowel syndrome. Taking advantage of our new found private washroom I called dibs and left Tanya to unpack and repack her backpack for the walk tomorrow.

We pooled our non allowed airplane cabin items in my backpack which I checked into baggage - Tanya's backpack was small enough to count as a carry on - as such we needed to repack for the first stage (the toughest stage) tomorrow.

I finally exited the toilette and noticed nothing had been repacked - I then saw Tanya sound asleep in her bed - oh well - packing can wait to the morning - so can eating - so can curse number 3..........

Until tomorrow kind reader.....

Piss off of the day - carry ons the size of cargo containers

Tip of the day - print off your e-train tickets - drag paying for first class, repaying for tourist class after having to line up for an hour after realizing first class tickets not printed off - real drag passing our two empty first class seats on the way to the food / bar car. PS food and drinks had been included with Nona-printed first class tickets.

Blessing ( I am on the Camino after all ) of the day - what a blessing to spend time with Tanya - time is such a rare commodity - hope to get this opportunity with James and Karin some day....

Funny event of the day - going trough customs in Frankfurt the security man kept gesturing to me and saying that he wanted "props" - a knuckle tap - After 4 gestures I gave him the knuckle tap - he looked at me with shock - he then leaned over the conveyor belt and extracted a plastic tray - he had been gesturing and saying box with a very heavy German accent - hearing aids here I come...


7th June 2014

I'm so glad you included me on your travel blog ..
It is great to experience this with you guys ... great format Keith. You can't quit blogging now cause you will leave us all in a "cliff hanger" mode! Lol .... Sage travels !! xoxo
8th June 2014

Planes Trains
Oh I read this from my cozy recliner I can't help but think...WOW, you are ONE brave guy...keep up the blogs, this is an amazing journey to document for your family and especially your grandkids...the ending was HILARIOUS! Sal & Al

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