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Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Ax-les-Thermes October 8th 2018

So that is us finished with Spain. The heat just got to us and the fact that there seemed little to do in the small towns that we thought would be interesting. A lesson perhaps learned the hard way. Never expect the weather to be exactly what you think it will be and never keep going back to the same country. At some point you just run out of things to see and do. I am not saying that Spain disappointed but it could have done better . C+ rather than the B I had hoped for. So where in the world is Gabby the motorhome. She is on a camping site near to the town of Ax le Therme. It is blooming cold and rather wet. I know it is a mistake to wish for ... read more
Salubel fountain
Cuidid Rodrigo
details from the church at Cuidad Rodrigo

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Ax-les-Thermes August 8th 2017

Yesterday looked like it should have been fairly dull. After a late breakfast we headed to the nearest town, Ax, and introduced the boy to French cafe culture as we sat outside and had a plate of meats and cheeses (rather too much meats and cheeses as it turns out!). A wander up to the thermal springs for baby splash time (lots of crying when we had to leave) and a trip to a supermarket before home and a quiet evening. First off, in the supermarket, a very elderly French lady took a shine to the baby and literally followed us around to coo over him. Once was sweet and flattering (no idea what she was saying) twice, amusing, by the sixth time, when it looked like she was actually going to get in the car ... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Ax-les-Thermes August 3rd 2017

Everyone should stay in a yurt, and everyone should stay in this one. Beautiful setting, amazing bed, best service ever, lovely pool and even goats. Sadly the perfect storm of crazy teething, silly heat and relentless sea legs meant the only boy I really got to enjoy was the view. After an amazing breakfast with the single most amazing yoghurt I've ever eaten (honestly, it was like some kind of heavenly offering) we headed off to the deepest darkest Pyrenees. The baby was very sleepy after his ' intetesting' nights sleep so he slept, I slept and we motored on. A stop for lunch saw the baby pulling out all the charm on a much older French girl (she must have been at least four, I'm hopeful for a Hollywood style meeting of the two of ... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Ax-les-Thermes September 14th 2013

French Pyrenees 13 September 2013 We left the Monestir de Montsoratte after lunch and then drove north to Puigcerda which is on the border of Spain, France and close to Andora (which is a separate country). We were then driving through the French Pyrenees mountain range. There were ‘walls’ of sheer rock everywhere. And of course we went through many tunnels. The road was excellent. We went through one tunnel that was over 5kms long (short by Austria and Switzerland standard!) and was going to go through a 2nd long one before getting to our camp site but it was closed. We had to travel and extra 20 kms and on a road with long and big gradients up and down. Again, wonderful scenery. We found a camping sight at Ax-les-Thermes which was in the French ... read more
French Pyrenees Ariegoises (8)
French Pyrenees Ariegoises (1)
French Pyrenees Ariegoises (10)

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Ax-les-Thermes September 12th 2013

Definite change to the weather now. The sun has lost its heat and the blue sky has gained clouds. A certain inevitability about it as we get further into September and certainly now as we have left the coast behind and driven up into the mountains. We got away pretty early this morning, through the gates of the campsite before 9am.We were going to avoid Perpignan but needed to find a supermarket so actually ended up driving right through the middle after doing a big shop at a massive le Clerc’s. Bob has started a collection of wine to take home as the price at home has gone up so much in the past year. Main criteria for inclusion in his crate is under €3. 2 years ago that limit was €2.From Perpignan we ... read more
A town nestling in a valley in the mountains
A flower filled meadow on the Sault plateau
Our very nice campsite by the river Ariege

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Ax-les-Thermes July 6th 2013

Our drive through the Pyrenees on the way to the tour actually wasn't too bad. We decided to take the shorter route(3 1/2 hrs) and forgo seeing Andorra. Maybe next time. The drive actually turned into a little over 4 hours bc we got a little off track and mountain driving means not a lot of road choices. The scenery was beautiful though, and Andrew loved driving. I did not enjoy riding so much. He raced through the switchbacks up the mountain and I looked out my window at the sheer drops just feet from me. I was very glad to see the sign that we were on the mountain where we would "camp". Driving up the mountain was so exciting. Seeing tons of campers and people from all over the world all hanging out and ... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Ax-les-Thermes March 29th 2011

We have now travelled through the stunning countryside of the Dordogne and the Midi-Pyrennies and it is definitely a place I would like to explore further. People certainly built their homes based on security rather than practicality that's for sure. However I would like to digress a little and disclose my findings on sanitation blocks in France and share a little story. The further south we have travelled, the more interesting the state of toilet/hygiene blocks have become. For one, they have become unisex, and in some cases the dishwashing, showering, laundry, urinals, etc are all in the one place. Some are larger than others and some only have one shower. Well it is the low season so some camps have other blocks that are closed but in most of the camps we have stayed at, ... read more
Ax Le Thermes
Ax Le Thermes

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Ax-les-Thermes July 16th 2010

Overview It's an event that is followed around the world, crossing across some of the most scenic areas in all of Europe, through sun soaked fields of lavender, rolling farmland dotted with centuries old cathedrals, fortresses, fairyland chateauxs, canyons gorged by roaring rivers and the majestic snow capped peaks of the mighty Alps and Pyrenees. It truly is a one of a kind production bringing together the best athletes in the world to the most gruelling race on the planet. Over 3,000 kilometers in 21 days, riders donned in skin tight spandex advertising the likes of Garmin, RadioShack, Cervelo, the capital of Kazakhstan - Astana - and Rupert Murdoch's Sky television network. Fans from the world over come to experience the epic sprints, mountain top finishes, the tears of victory amd defeat and the epic tailgating ... read more

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