The kitchen chaos continues.....

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December 1st 2008
Published: December 1st 2008
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This is the stage we're up to today....and it's bathroom tomorrow, before getting back to the kitchen again. Somehow, cooking still takes place

Additional photos below
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Just to remind us of the pipeworkJust to remind us of the pipework
Just to remind us of the pipework

We had enough kitchen pipes to make a passable map of the London Underground
Jean drains the system....Jean drains the system....
Jean drains the system....

....and catches the drips
This one's to remind us that....This one's to remind us that....
This one's to remind us that....

Things Can Only Get Better. This time, we hope it's true
In case you hadn't realised...In case you hadn't realised...
In case you hadn't realised...

....our kitchen walls undulate like the sea. Next task: battens, plasterboard, and false walls

1st December 2008

Margaret, as you well know already, your kitchen stories make me feel inadequate. I would long ago have thrown my dummy on the floor and stormed out kicking and screaming (mixing my metaphors as I went). One day you'll look back at these pictures and laugh ... but maybe not yet.
8th December 2008

Not yet indeed......
.......... one day, the fridge will stay in one place FOR A WHOLE WEEK, I'll have more than half a worksurface, and the sink won't be a health hazard. But not yet

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