France 162 - Port en Bessin du Huppain/two of us in the aire/no water available /shall we stop for Christmas or continue with the search for the perfect Christmas spot?

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January 1st 2020
Published: January 2nd 2020
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The differences in our holiday The differences in our holiday The differences in our holiday

The first difference the reminders of the horrors of the Holocaust
What a name ? What a mouthful? Port that is the basin of the town of Huppain. The lovely community had provided us with a massive aire for around 30 or more motorhomers . Plenty of room on the aire . There were only two of us on site . A massive thing that looked like a bus and us . We looked tiny in our small corner. The aire usually fixed a charge and the barriers would be down but the town had agreed a present for us travellers . The barriers were up and a sign told me that from the beginning of December to the middle of January we could park up for free. There was nowhere open to empty the loo nor fill up with fresh water . Understandably given the frost over the winter the water was turned off. It wasnt a problem . We had stocked up on bottled water and had plenty of power in our batteries . We were self sufficient with the exception of that LPG.

We made the plan to stop here for Christmas . The town and harbour was not far away and there was a Supermarket up the road . Glenns back was killing him. Driving Gabby is hard work at times . The clutch is heavy and all that pushing down means an aching foot and back. We can see the advantage of an automatic clutch. His shoulder was aching again due to the heavy nature of pulling and pushing Gabby around bends.

We sat for a while , had a meal and toyed with the idea of staying or moving . Sometimes despite the free nature of the aire, the reasonable position and the kindness of the town you have to make a decision . We had very little to see or do here and it would be a long Christmas Eve and Christmas Day . Sadly we packed up and left the large behemoth of a motorhome to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day on their own . It was windy as we left . We intended driving the short distance to Arromanches . There was another good parking place and perhaps that was the place to hunker down for two days . The presents are packed . The Christmas pudding ready for cooking . I wonder where we will spend Christmas? A different view to the one we normally get at Christmas at home. That is what we are looking for . It is there somewhere . .


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