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July 20th 2012
Published: July 20th 2012
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Porte StanislasPorte StanislasPorte Stanislas

There are formal gates in the four directions leading into what is today called La Place Stanislas. this is the one we used to get to the Place.
When people talk about the eastern part of France, territory long disputed with Germany called Alsace and Lorraine, you often hear about Strasburg which is a wonderful city. Christian's sister, however, lives in Nancy so it is here that we spent four lovely days in early June. We did some walking around and wanted to share some of the things we found. King Stanislaw (Stanislas in French) of Poland (1677 – 1766) was also the Duke of Lorraine and had an imposing castle in Nancy. It looks like he favored Versailles in the gilding of decorations here and in the style of the gardens of Luneville Castle where he died. My camera was over-exposing so the details are not as superb as in person, but you will get the idea. Another castle of the Dukes of Lorraine in Nancy is from an earlier period and festooned with fabulous gargoyles. The nearby church has a wonderful gilded angel,

Nancy is also well known for glassworks and the Art-Deco style. The bank Credit-Lyonnais has a wonderful building (circa 1920) that looks very simple on the outside but is decorated with wonderful stained glass on the inside. I especially like that it is
Gilded AngelGilded AngelGilded Angel

Atop the Porte Stanislas is this lovely angel. I wish I had taken Latin as the sign is intriguing: terror, culture, love? I must be missing something.
still the original bank and functions as such today

While we were visiting the national legislative elections were taking place and there were large posters arranged near polling places. I took a picture of one that amused me. My rough translation goes like this: “Do you want to DIE SOONER? Then vote left or vote right. If not, vote for the limited (no?) growth party.” The hand written note adds: “Do you want more pollution, more noise, more cancer? Then vote for candidates promoting growth (and the list includes all of the main parties from the extreme right to the center).

Hope you enjoy this little peek into the lovely things we saw during our stop in Nancy.

Additional photos below
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Place StanislasPlace Stanislas
Place Stanislas

The large building is the castle used by King Stanislaw (Stanislas in Franch) of Poland. He was also the Duke of Lorraine.
King StanislasKing Stanislas
King Stanislas

This statue is in the middle of the Place and cars used to circulate around it. The entire area is now pedestrian only.
King Stanislas Wants YOUKing Stanislas Wants YOU
King Stanislas Wants YOU

Sorry, but this reminded me of the Uncle Sam posters ...
Fountain in Place StanislasFountain in Place Stanislas
Fountain in Place Stanislas

The corners of the square are decorated with ornimental fountains
Another FountainAnother Fountain
Another Fountain

Very similar, but different.
Luneville CastleLuneville Castle
Luneville Castle

There was a terrible fire here recently but they are restoring it and word is it will be better as they will now redecorate and furnish the interior for the period.
Park at LunevillePark at Luneville
Park at Luneville

Very formal park with odd looking "art" statuary.
Art in the ParkArt in the Park
Art in the Park

I think this is a stringed instrument with breasts. It reminded me somehow of the mountains in Wyoming that the French explorers named for parts of the femaile body.

I include this statue from Luneville to illustrate how you can tell if a war hero died in battle or in bed. If the horse is rearing the rider died in battle. If the horse has all four feet on the ground the rider died in bed.
The Dukes' CastleThe Dukes' Castle
The Dukes' Castle

It was hard to get a full picture of this castle of the Dukes of Lorraine as it is nestled in tightly in the old part of town. This is a bit of detail.
Castle DetailCastle Detail
Castle Detail

The Castle of the Dukes of Lorraine.

There were LOTS and each one was different.
Gargoyle DetailGargoyle Detail
Gargoyle Detail

Isn't this a great way to drain water from your roof?
Mystery ChurchMystery Church
Mystery Church

Since this is NOT the cathederal and I do not remember the name... it is simply close to the castle of the Dukes of Lorraine. It looked quite lovely but I cut off the steeple cross. Do not read something deep into that!
Mystery Church AngelMystery Church Angel
Mystery Church Angel

Were I an expert travel blogger I would be able to tell you all kinds of detail about this lovely angel. But he/she is here because I found it lovely!
Credit LyonnaisCredit Lyonnais
Credit Lyonnais

I include this exteriior picture as you would walk right past without noticing the treasure inside.
Stained Glass SkylightStained Glass Skylight
Stained Glass Skylight

This is as much as I could capture of this lovely glass work inside the (still functioninjg) bank.
Glass DetailGlass Detail
Glass Detail

This shows the artist Jacques GRUBER and the year 1920.
Trade MarkTrade Mark
Trade Mark

The Trade Mark for Credit Lyonnais is in the center of the sky light.
Political posterPolitical poster
Political poster

Do you want to DIE SOONER? For some reason this was so over the top it made me laugh.
Radish bouquetRadish bouquet
Radish bouquet

At every turn in France you find lovely surprises.
Bicycle BouquetBicycle Bouquet
Bicycle Bouquet

This was in front of a flower shop. Makes a neat sign!!

22nd July 2012

I loved your pictures. Jack and I have been sailing the Great Lakes. Come visit sometime.

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