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Europe » France » Lorraine » Thionville January 1st 2010

Well, this is going to (or attempt to) encompass everything in the month of Décembre. I am not sure I will succeed, but I will try! OKAY The first Monday in Déc. I had a Rotary meeting and it was pretty cool. At every meeting the give information about something, and this meeting had a presentation about the island of St. Martin. It wasnt as long as the first meeting, but it was informative. I exchanged flags with the president of my club Mme Marie-Noël Mariatte. That was the first flag exchange I have done while in France, and I highly doubt I will do another, but one never really knows. The dinner afterwards was excellent as well. :) In my region, there are many traditions that come from Germany. One such tradition is called the ... read more
Marchée de Noël - Thionville
la Bière

Europe » France » Lorraine » Thionville November 21st 2009

All Saints Day was an experience and a half. We went to my host aunt's house and had a huuuuuge lunch/brunch there. It was not only the feast of All Saints, but the birthday of my host aunt. My host uncle had me try 3 different kinds of wine and say which one was my favorite. I preferred the red wine :). We ate so much food, but no, there was no cake or loud singing. We did give presents, however, and my present was a box of Jelly Bellies, which is my all-time favorite candy. I also realized that they only sell it in the US. My host aunt was very happy :) I went to an IKEA factory with my bestest exchange friend Laura and we passed a wonderful day there. She wanted to ... read more

Europe » France » Lorraine » Thionville November 4th 2009

I think I shall start with Strasbourg. Strasbourg is the city furthest to the east in France. Directly east of it is Germany. There is a lot of German influence in Strasbourg because of this reason. Some of the oldest houses in France can be found here, and many of them are traditionally German. I did not go with my host family, but rather, some friends of the family. They were very nice, and we spent the day touring the city with their son Pierre, who goes to the university there. The most beautiful thing I saw was the Cathedral de Strasbourg. It is an immense cathedral that is one of the highest points in the city, and has been for over 1000 years! If anyone might recall, Prez Obama was in Strasbourg. Oh yeah, thats ... read more
Downtown Strasbourg
Dinner Before Departure
Le Gare SNCF

Europe » France » Lorraine » Thionville October 5th 2009

On the 2nd of October, my host family took me to Metz, the capital of my region for la nuit blanche or "white night". In French, a "white night" means that you don't sleep at all, or you had a bad night's sleep. This however, was very different. Every year about this time, Metz holds this festival. It is called la nuit blanche because it lasts from 6:30pm on Oct. 2, to 9:00am the next morning! There are exhibits, bands, art shows, music and dancing in the streets. All to celebrate the beauty of art both old and new. There were some pretty strange things there, but it was all very well organized. There were certain areas for everything, and each area had a giant spotlight shooting into the sky to let everyone know that there ... read more
The Oldest House
The Church of Langres

Europe » France » Lorraine » Thionville September 26th 2009

The festival of Schueberfouer is held once a year in the city of Luxembourg in the country of Luxembourg. This huge celebration is basically a giant carnival. I went on the last day with my host parents. There were lots of rides and games and food! I had some pretty initresting eats while I walked with my host parents. We didnt go on any rides, but we did walk around the area for quite a while. I learned that the Schueberfouer is a festival so that everyone who lives in Luxembourg can get together for one day of the year in the same city. I dont really understand it because it is such a small country, but that's the general idea! For future reference, it is pronounced: Shoo-ber-fwhere. The same day as the Shuberfouer, but a ... read more
Three Americans!

Europe » France » Lorraine » Thionville August 27th 2009

Well I got here!! The flight was rather insignificant, although extremely long, and I didnt sleep. I arrived in the airport and my host family was there waving an american flag. Great fun! :) The president of the rotary told me that I would be having our first meeting on the 13th. My parents brought me to my new house and they were impressed that I understood any French at all! That first day, my host parents let me unpack and get myself organized before we took une petite tour of the city. We went to a lookout area that had a wonderful view of the city of Florange, which is the actual name of the city in which I now inhabit. I was VERY tired the first day and so when we got back to ... read more
Oh, Look at the Time...

Europe » France » Lorraine » Thionville October 5th 2008

Saturday continued We relaxed for a while then headed off for Dinner, took a walk into the Town Centre, found a few Bars, but nothing Restaurant looking. We had noticed a place next to the Hotel so decided to eat there. We had the buffet starter, then a Chicken in Tandoori sauce and the local Pork Haggisy type thing, good value, average food. Not sure if I have explained the Hotels we stay in. Premiere Classe are a chain of 217 Hotels that range throughout France, they cost about 40 Euro's per night, and they are more or less the same at each location. They are clean, have free internet connections, and you can book online very easily, and they have automatic check-ins. You do get what you pay for, in that they are basic, but ... read more

Europe » France » Lorraine » Thionville October 4th 2008

Friday 3rd October 2008 continued After settling into the Hotel, we decided to go for a wander to find something to eat. The Campanille was handy but very busy, and on the way back there was an emergency going on with Fire & Police attending some gas being released at high pressure and we were only allowed to go back to the Hotel, so as we had had a good lunch anyway, we just ate some biscuits stashed for just this purpose. The night was pretty disturbed with lots of comings and goings and shouting outside the rooms in the early hours, but we slept fairly well. Saturday 4th October, 2008. The plan for today was to get from Chalons to Longwy, via Verdun. We set off about our usual time, and I used the next ... read more
Ossuary at Douaumont
Ossuary at Douaumont
Cemetery at Douaumont

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