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Europe » France » Limousin » Limoges April 24th 2015

Visited Limoges which is famous for its 19th C porcelain. The cathedral St. Etienne is very beautiful inside. We also went to the Maison de la Porcelain and joined the factory tour around today's modern factory. A huge shop of beautiful china but resisted the temptation to buy. Cooler day on Friday so we undertook a good 7 km walk around part of the Saint Pardoux lakes - very quiet, we did not meet a soul. Barney enjoyed the cooling paddle at the end of the walk. In the evening we ate at the bar and were joined by other Anglais. "Mary" and I were at Henley on Thames Grammer School 50 years ago! A small world!... read more
Waiting in the square
Porcelain facory
In the shop

Europe » France » Limousin » Limoges August 28th 2014

France 2013 My second venture into working holidays, abit braver this time, travelled to France to stay with a host family for 2 weeks :) The work mostly involved looking after their horses, ponies and dogs. In return I got a free place to stay, free food and when there was time a car ride to another town for some site seeing. I'd never dealt with horses or ponies before so I learned alot, it was pretty tough work but the weather was gorgeous so I didnt mind being out on the farm all day, plus once you got it done the day was yours to do whatever you pleased. The local bakery was amazing, I've never eaten so many macaroons but they were just too good :D This certainly isnt something for someone who just ... read more

Europe » France » Limousin » Limoges August 16th 2014

We worden wakker bij het geluid van graafmachines en kiepwagens die, zoals we de avond tevoren al vermoedden, een nieuw pad aanleggen. Ze groeten ons vriendelijk en we lopen terug de stad in. We vinden een bakker die ook koffie verkoopt waar we in alle rust ontbijten, om daarna onze weg te vervolgen naar de Mc Donalds voor WiFi - die ze niet hebben. We zijn ondertussen aan de uiterste rand van de stad en hebben niet veel tijd meer over voor een alternatief, dus nemen we de bus naar het centrum en zoeken het Office de Toerisme op, waar we wel internet hebben. Nog steeds zoekend naar werk en een plan zitten we daar een paar uur en realiseren ons dat we nog niet weten waar we gaan slapen, dus vragen we naar drukke kroegen. ... read more

Europe » France » Limousin » Limoges August 16th 2014

We worden laat wakker, er is weinig herrie op de achtste verdieping van een verlaten kantoorgebouw. Ik kleed me om op het dak, gewoon omdat het kan, en lees wat voor we Sam weer bellen, die aangeboden had een ontbijtje te komen brengen. Even later doen we ons tegoed aan croissants en chocoladebroodjes, koffie en een chocoladecakeje. Ze heeft zelfs vitaminetabletten meegenomen! We gaan nog de stad in en besluiten een biertje te drinken op een terras. Ik ben zo stom te vragen naar de gekke kleuren bier die iedereen drinkt: limonade. Een scheutje limonade in mijn bier klinkt niet heel aantrekkelijk, maar we nemen toch de gok op citroen, hoe erg kan dat zijn? Het smerigste biertje dat ik ooit gedronken heb, zo mierzoet dat mijn kaken ervan samentrekken en geen moment heb ik het ... read more

Europe » France » Limousin » Limoges August 16th 2014

We worden gewekt door auto's die voorbij razen op weg om half Limoges naar zijn werk te brengen, hebben we de tenten dus langs een van de drukste wegen van de stad gezet. Als ik mijn tent uitkom merk ik dat er nog een tent naast de onzen staat. Niet veel later dan wij staat ook deze reiziger op, en ik spreek hem aan uit nieuwsschierigheid. Hij heet Michel en komt uit Tsjechie, en hij heeft de Camino al gelopen. Hij is nu terug aan het liften vanuit Portugal, en hoewel hij zo licht mogelijk wil reizen heeft hij wel zijn saxofoon bij zich. Daarentegen geen mes, want hij ontdekte dat op alle plekken waar men bang is voor enge figuren, men hem daarvoor aanziet, dus dat hij niets te vrezen heeft. We delen wat ervaringen, ... read more

Europe » France » Limousin » Limoges September 5th 2013

Another perfect morning has dawned again and another cloudless sky for a day out. My sister KJ had read about a village not far from Brigueuil that had stood still in time for 70 years and had wondered whether we were going to visit it. A little research showed that the village of Oradour-sur-Glane (hereafter called OSG)was the scene of the most shocking atrocity committed by the Nazis on French soil during WW2.The German President had visited there yesterday and laid a wreath on behalf of the German people as the first official from the German Government to have visited the site in 70 years. We set off mid morning and it took only about 20 minutes to reach OSG. The whole population of the town, some 642 men, women and children, were executed by a ... read more
The remains of the church at Oradour-sur-Glane
Cars left where they were burnt out
Ruins of buildings in Oradour-sur-Glane

Europe » France » Limousin » Limoges May 21st 2013

We set off from Tim & Jan's house around 9am after a splendid breakfast. It was a grey day when we left but about an hour later the sun came out which was very nice, the first real sunshine we had seen since entering France. At this stage we were crossing the River Loire in Nantes, but an hour later it started to spit with rain. The weather gradually deteriorated to the point we were driving in low cloud across vast, featurless plains, it seemed. Bob drove the first leg to the other side of Nantes where we stopped for a cup of tea in the smallest service station we had so far seen. Neal then took over the driving and was keen to see what it was like to do 200kmh but Bob soon talked ... read more
 Town Hall in Lussac-le- Chateau
 Church in Lussac-le- Chateau
Pollarded trees in  Lussac-le- Chateau

Europe » France » Limousin » Limoges July 27th 2012

The municipal campsite at Pontgibaud near Clermont Ferrand was our best campsite yet. It really is a beautiful spot by the river (although we have had enough of rivers), within walking distance of the town and just €16 per night. Michelle bought new sunglasses in Clermont Ferrand and gave Terry her old ones, in punishment for losing his! A happy three nights there but we needed to be moving on. Thursday morning we were up and out by 10.55am. That is a record for us and beats the old one by 30 minutes! And so we arrived at Camping des Alouettes, Cognac la Foret, near Limoges by 2.30pm, at a lovely site recommended by our friends Linda and Dennis. Here, which until we arrived was 100% Dutch, everyone said hello and smiled. How strange! Up to ... read more

Europe » France » Limousin » Limoges May 27th 2012

Day 15 Another day another chateau. This time into the country side to Chateau de Concrecheaux (I think).... Stop in the little village for brunch - fresh sandwiches of half baguette filled with jambon et frommage for moi and similar with salad for Chris. Super crispy and fresh and nice. Into the chateau and must have lust had a train arrive -guessed it, lots of people and queues. Parked the car and got organised and by the time we got to the ticket office all the crowd had gone - and our sandwiches as well. Yum. Great gardens and off we go again. This castle has a chequers history, wife, mistress who took over and lots of illegitimate and legitimate bastard children - sounds like Home and Away...... After 2 hours we call it quits and ... read more

Europe » France » Limousin » Limoges September 17th 2011

The sun seems to have vanished. Not been there at all today just hidden behind very heavy cloud and some rain. A pity, as we have been enjoying having it hanging around but weather forecast does predict an end to the gorgeous blue skies of the last few days. Today we start our slow return home, by heading northwards in stages, with first stop near Limoges. We drove cross-country across the pretty, pastoral, Midi-Pyrenees countryside just to the west side of the Massif Central. Cows everywhere, most a pretty burned gingerbread colour. This area is the Millevaches park region, but though we counted, we only got up to 987 so think some have gone missing somewhere. A pleasant drive which crossed back over the Dordgogne and Vezere rivers and then the Vienne through the Corrreze region ... read more
Over a river (Dordogne ?)
Tulle, a prettier view than some others I took.
through rolling countryside

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