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September 17th 2011
Published: September 17th 2011
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The sun seems to have vanished. Not been there at all today just hidden behind very heavy cloud and some rain. A pity, as we have been enjoying having it hanging around but weather forecast does predict an end to the gorgeous blue skies of the last few days.
Today we start our slow return home, by heading northwards in stages, with first stop near Limoges. We drove cross-country across the pretty, pastoral, Midi-Pyrenees countryside just to the west side of the Massif Central.
Cows everywhere, most a pretty burned gingerbread colour. This area is the Millevaches park region, but though we counted, we only got up to 987 so think some have gone missing somewhere.
A pleasant drive which crossed back over the Dordgogne and Vezere rivers and then the Vienne through the Corrreze region but avoiding any windy river gorges. We were surprised by the big and busy town of Tulle which we haven’t heard of before. We accidentally drove though the middle haven’t missed the way. On first sight it looked to be very grey, industrial and filled with 1960s style concrete blocks. It’s built along a river in quite a deep ravine so more recent housing must have had to go upwards and a lot of it looks ugly. A relief once we got to the river in the centre to find an older attractive area but also a relief when we managed to find our way out and get on our way again.

Bob had found us a Castels campsite, Du Chateau de Leychoisier, just north of Limoges, so we took the motorway for the last few miles to get us round the city. A good campsite and the pool was open so, despite the chilly and damp weather (18 degrees I think) I had my daily swim in the brrr unheated pool and we took a walk round the grounds to visit the 5-deer park and the lake. A shame about the weather as would be a pretty place when its dry but definitely wet tonight. We may move on to Saumur tomorrow as little to do here in the rain except get a muddy floor in the Tandy.

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18th September 2011

Massif Central - sorry, too idle to look it up.

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