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October 15th 2011
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I ended up in Montpellier for RWC semifinal week. Watching and following the RWC in France was the next best thing to being at home as things turned out. I used the opportunity to amongst other things learn some French and win some bets.

I took the TGV down to Montpellier after work and once there was led to our place of abode for the weekend. Situated in the city centre in an apartment block probably older than the first settlements of NZ, we passed the weekend in between there and rugby games.

On the Saturday morning we went to a French cafe and ended up at an English pub watching France play Wales in the first semi final. 15 v 14 due to a poor refereeing decision and I saw myself going against my own best interests and rooting for Wales. Unfortunately for Wales they weren't good enough to capatalise on the dominance they held despite being one man down and France somehow managed to win.

Despite the harshness of the result and game, this meant I would be watching the final of the RWC in Paris with France playing possibly against NZ - I wasn't complaining.

During the afternoon we walked around the city, taking in its sight seeing attractions. Another very nice french city with plenty of history and plenty to interest its visitors. We went out for dinner and spent a fortune on the haute cuisine. While I really like french food, infact when you get good french food there is not much that beats it - finding good french food can be an expensive and hit or miss experience if you don't know where to go in a city. This one was a definite miss. I dont know many places where you can spend 30 euros (50NZD) on a main and miss, but alas c'est la vie.

Next morning was the Abs vs Australia. I hadn't been so nervous for quite sometime. We found a bar with an interesting mix of French, Welsh, Irish, English, Australians and Kiwis. Well me, one other kiwi and a french couple who had lived in NZ for 8 years to be precise. This was probably the best game I have seen the All Blacks play for quite a while and will probably be the only time I have a croissant OJ combo while watching a game. A great start to the day and a great way to finish up our time in Montpellier.... - for me anyway!

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