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Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Collioure August 13th 2018

ADIOS España... en effet, aujourd'hui nous repasserons la frontière afin de retourner en France et continuer notre périple qui est encore loin d'être fini... Le temps est toujours au beau fixe... Il faut alors profiter de la mer un maximum... Nous longerons donc la Méditerranée jusqu'à hauteur de Cassis... puis ce sera Adios la mer... malheureusement car il nous faudra rentrer dans les terres pour retrouver notre maison un jour... Nous passerons une première nuit à Saint-Marie-la-Mer, à ne pas confondre avec Les Saintes Maries.... Un camping bruyant pour cette nuit mais ce doit être dans tous les campings de France puisque Foot oblige... c'est la finale... Et la nuit continuera bruyante puisqu'un bon orage sévira, apportant beaucoup d'eau... A ce moment là on est heureux de ne pas se trouver sous une tente... car d'autres ... read more
encore un peu d'Espagne...
les plaisirs de l'eau

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Collioure May 14th 2017

I realized after I sent yesterday's blog that I didn't make it clear exactly where Collioure is (i.e. where I am). It is a French town on the Mediterranean Sea right near the border with Spain, i.e. just north of Barcelona. It is a cute little resort town populated largely by French tourists, although one does hear the occasional Spanish or English. I can definitely see the appeal of spending a relaxing vacation here - currently I am sitting at a bayside cafe, sipping white wine, and enjoying the breeze - but the reason I came here was to visit the Salvador Dali sights that are just across the border in Spain. Dali (see photo) was a surrealist artist who was born and lived most of his life nearby and there are two museums about an ... read more

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Collioure May 13th 2017

Today I drove from Carcassonne to Collioure via back roads. I followed Rick Steves's advice about enjoying the rugged countryside and stopping at a ruined castle. It's true that there were some dramatic views (see photo). But I'm not sure the castle was worth the effort expended to see it. The castle I looked at is called Peyrepertuse and it was important six or seven hundred years ago. Abandoned, it fell into ruin and then was partially restored in the last century (see photo). Unfortunately the restoration did not include a user-friendly path to climb (see photo). I guess I have to say I was glad to see Peyrepertuse but I think its chief feature is that it makes one appreciate how well-done Carcassonne is. I drove on from there to Collioure, France and just had ... read more

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Collioure May 8th 2014

Pitter, Patter, Pitter, Patter . The sound of rain gently dripping onto Suzy’s roof. I wouldn’t say the weather has been kind to us so far. It has been far from cold. In fact, rather muggy so the gentle pitter, patter of the rain has been very welcoming clearing the air. We didn’t bother getting up early. We had no plans to go into Pezenas this morning. Our neighbour the elderly Frenchman on his own in his camper van had woken before us . He stood on his van step, smiled and got out his nail cutters and started to trim his fingernails. I often wonder what travelling on your own feels like. No-one to talk to but there again no-one to fall out with apart from yourself. Our only plan for the morning a trip ... read more
the church

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Collioure July 17th 2012

I tend to choose the most random places when I'm deciding on trips; hence I've seen more of Burkina Faso and El Salvador than Wales. Therefore, I was initially apprehensive about a trip to the South of France. It seemed too obvious a destination. “Doesn’t everyone go to the South of France?” Yes they do, and now I know why. Julia’s aunt Nicola’s house is in a lovely little village in the province of Aude, not far from Perpignan. We had been invited over to stay for a few days and thought we’d make a weeklong trip out of it. We got up every morning, went to the little village shop for croissants and a baguette, ate lots of fantastic sausage and cheese, discussed advancements in genetics (of which Claudio is a professor), browsed their vast ... read more
Vineyards in Aude
Ermitage Saint-Antoine de Galamus

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Collioure June 7th 2010

Since it was our last weekend all together in Andorra, Alexandra and I saw things pretty clearly - we needed to escape. After bringing up our seemingly impossible dream of driving around the very south of France to our friend Pere at dinner the other night, plans for just such a weekend quickly manifested. And so it was decided - Saturday morning Alex and I picked up some chocolate napolitanas and got on the bus to La Seu d'Urgell where Pere would pick us up in his car. Our destination - The Pyrénées-Orientales Department of Southern France, part of the larger Languedoc-Roussillon region. Sometimes referred to as Northern Catalonia, this region just north of the Spanish border and on the Mediterranean was until the late 17th century part of Catalonia and thus historically Catalan-speaking. Catalan flags ... read more
Fun purro sign above a shpo
Collioure's Notre-Dame-des-Anges
Chateau Royal de Collioure

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