Healing City on the Cliff

Published: September 14th 2009
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September 4, 2009 - Rocamadore, France

We are off to Sarlet today our base for The Dordogne, a place we have been collecting brochures for since 1999. The countryside was winding, filled with forests and cliffs and green valleys dotted with farms, chateaus and castles. The sky was very dark and if looked like the rain could start any minute. we rounded a tree-lined cliff and saw the most incredible medieval village jetting out of the side of the jagged mountain. The buildings had no back walls to worry about, just cliff. 

As we were about to get out of the van and hike up to the village of Rocamadore when the skies opened up. Cool, I can finally use my new raincoat and umbrella (exciting for someone from Southern Cal.). There was a little train in the parking lot everyone seemed to be getting on to take you to the top of the town. We joined the gang and paid 7.50 euro to do the same. The ride up took all of one minute and only took you to the first level of town. Andrew is still complaining about getting ripped off from the little train. Oh, and the rain stopped and sun came out once we got up the hill.

The town was adorable with no cars in site. We climbed the 250 stairs to the Abbey, a sacred place where many pilgrims come to pray and supposedly be healed. We went into one of the prayer areas that was so quiet it made your ears ring. It was stone walled and the sunlight through the tiny windows created a golden glow on the simple alter. Compared to the Vatican, this place felt very reverent to me.

We walked up a steep ramp to the top of the town which had monuments along the way of Jesus' walk to his crucifixion. At the very top was a beautiful cross and stunning view of the valley below. Rocamadore is truly one of a kind.

P.S. We saw 5 Au Naturelle nude campgrounds around Rocamadore. Hard to believe there are that many nudist around this area to fill up 5 campgrounds. All I see are senior citizens so I’m passing.

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