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June 12th 2014
Published: June 12th 2014
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After 13 hours flying it was good to arrive in Paris. Traffic. We think that peak hour is not nice in Adelaide ha, that is toddlers fun. gridlock all the way to the hotel. We stayed up and awake all day but after dinner we were in bed at 8. The following day, breakfast real French. We decided to walk to the Sacra Coeur via the La Fayette, that is a huge shop. It is interesting to walk along the different nationalities. Sometimes you wonder if you are in Paris or Africa. If you get my drift. In La Fayette beautiful handbags girls about euros 3490 converted about $ 5000.- The only ones buying there are our Oriental trading partners. After that through to the Sacra Coeur. Standing in front looking up at all the steps to get there is scaring. But ... we did it. No photos allowed but as true Aussies we snapped some. Then to Mont Matre which is at the back of the Sacra Coeur., and blow me down, who were we talking to a couple from Hectorville. It is a small world. We needed a drink and enjoyed a beer and an ice tea sitting along with Dutch people on the side of the market, watching the world go by. The lads serving, so French. After I, Liz had used the toilet washing hands was a learning process. Soap on hands, now to rinse, played with the handle but only squirts of water came out. Oh well I thought saving water. But I needed to get rid of the soap. Examining the contraption called a tap. I noticed two little holes underneath the handle. Automation. Wave your hands and plenty of water for you. After walking all the way back, we could feel our legs. We walked at least 25 kilometres. After dinner we did a Seine tour, which was lovely. A guide brought us back to the hotel, after a guided tour. This was the first time we saw the Eifel tower lid up . It was beautiful.

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13th June 2014

see ya!
Hi guys! Looking great; younger than ever! See you on Sunday, at Justins birthdayparty

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