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July 31st 2013
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So, to celebrate the beginning of my career and I guess being officially an adult now, I went to Disney haha.

It's really fun seeing the similarities and differences between the Disney parks. The layouts are all essentially the same, with the same rides, but some of the rides are tweaked and different characters are to be found, stuff like that. And the shows are different.

That being said, my goal today was pretty much find the differences so I could experience them and go see the shows 😊

I got there before opening which was good because I got to roam around a bit and take photos (and listen to the awesome music because it's all Disney songs.) They had a food area that was Jungle Book themed and they were playing the elephant march - I was all giddy haha. I am such a child at heart. It is good.

Thunder Mountain seemed longer than in the States? It rattled your brains the same way though haha. I made the mistake of wearing earrings today... I'm surprised I wasn't bleeding after the ride. But it was fun regardless of the blood.

Indiana Jones is a totally different ride - it's a coaster here, so that was fun. Pretty sweet I got both of those done in about 15 minutes. Ah, the perks of getting here at opening.

I went in search of Jack Sparrow - omg he is tied for the best character I've met. (the Peter Pan in Florida is next level awesome). He had all the mannerisms down (his fingers were going nonstop) and his voice was perfect. He was just a great character too haha - they always ask where you're from so we got into a grand talk about Canada and how he had a mate from there... he was also a captain... but he died... some stomach wound thing... you know... rough Canadian winter seas... and all that jazz. He wouldn't shut up hahaha. But it was fun to go along with.

I had to check out the Haunted Mansion because when I was a kid, I loved this Disney video I had that took you on a tour of Disneyland and it had songs for all the rides, and my favourite was the Haunted Mansion song. Too good. I was sad in the States because they only play it in one (I can't remember which one). Here they only play it for like... a minute. Sigh. But still good.

(Sidenote: the ride paused again... did the same in California? They blamed "playful spooks" for interrupting the ride, and "prankish spirits" hehe. And asked us not to use flash photography because it scares the ghosts. Good call.)

When wandering back around I saw Balou! I almost ran to the lineup. Even though there was like no line. I didn't care. It was Balou.

(My dog happens to be named after him, this is important OK)

Balou was great. He kept playing with my hair, poking my cheeks while we were posing for pictures and then he just took his paws and was squishing my face between them haha. God, I was smiling for like an hour after that meet.

I don't remember what all-else I did, or the order...

Space Mountain was the one thing I'd say is much better here... I preferred it to the American ones.

The Aerosmith roller coaster I think is the same..? Whatever, it was awesome too.

Had a good laugh on the Star Wars ride - when they ask you to pull on your seat belt to prove it's tied up, one of the guys yelled out "so pull the tongue?" (but in French) and the staff totally lost and couldn't stop laughing... like she had to leave. We were all like ok it wasn't THAT funny haha.

I watched all the parades (3 total) because I can never have enough Disney parades in my life. There is just something about the music. Oh the music. I love it.

Oh yes, I met Duffy too. (He's like... Mickey's teddy bear? It's weird.) But he was fun. He kept asking me to kiss him on the nose and then he'd jump back and be all bashful and cute. Aw.

In a total "I asked for it" moment... I went to go on the merry-go-round and was laughing at the fact you need to wear safety belts. In my mind I'm like "pfft I rode a horse along the Moroccan coast and didn't fall off. I'm not falling off a plastic horse."

Yeah. I didn't fall off during the ride. But. When I went to get off the horse was at the high point, which means I couldn't reach, so I had to hop off. Let's say I didn't have a clean landing, so I had to do an extra hop. Unfortunately the platform... was no longer under my feet haha so I fell three steps down, hard on my butt, in front of the entire queue.

I win at life.

I was laughing so hard hahahaha. These two guys were like OMG ETES-VOUS CORRECT?! I'm just cackling and like ouiiiiiii ahahahha. My poor bum.

After that I waddled off to "It's a Small World" lol. Doesn't matter how many times I see it, I still love that boat ride. And the song. Which I bob along to the entire time. Aw yeh.

I pretty much started my way back after that - I couldn't stay for the fireworks (BOO!) because then I'd have no way 'home' once I got back to Paris.

I decided to pick up a "Tod" (the Fox from Fox and the Hound) because quite honestly I wanted something soft to cuddle in England haha. I didn't bring my stuffies over (obviously), so I needed one good one.

And that's that! I'm having fun trying to pack back up for tomorrow. Oh dear.

I'll still update this for a few more days before I transfer to my UK blog and things get real.


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