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September 23rd 2012
Published: September 23rd 2012
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hello again its will and im sorry we havent been writing much but we are almost finished in France it has been a bit stressful because i cant understand much french (but i know some important words like please''civol play''thank you''merci'' and one''un''yes''wei''😉 but we have been doing alot like going to the lourve (a massive museum and art gallery i loved it ) and we also were meant to go to a castle yesterday or a least thats what Mum said but we got off the train and we saw a castle THE ENCHANTED CASTLE IN disneyland YEHAYHEYAHAYHEY disneyland was sooooo much fun but the lines were massive it was a fun nightmare infact but we still managed to get on a couple of rides but the haunted house was closed and i cried :'( the rides we went on were ''tram ride it was awesome it had a set for a movie set in London and a flaming truck!"''the automobiles there was a part of the park where everything was futuristic so they had cars that drove themselves!""the smith family robson it was a treehouse a GIANT TREEHOUSE where people on a stranded island lived''''the pirates of the carribean soo awesome it was a river ride that had two big drops scary!'' we also saw some shows like the disney parade the cinemagic and a really cool stunt show where a car was sliced in half and finally we saw an amazing projected disney show that was projected onto the castle with fireworks too well it was quite a fun day MORE LIKE A REALLY AWESOME DAY at disneyland and i will not be able to write for a week while in italy 😞😞😞😞😞 so goodbye for a little while im going to miss you :"( JUST A LITTLE NOTE FROM RUTH - THE PHOTS TAGS ARE NOT CORRECT AND THEY AREN'T IN ORDER BUT COMPUTER GLITCHES GIVING ME A HARD TIME AND I FIGURE YOU CAN WORK IT OUT XX

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23rd September 2012

Nice work Mum
Good trickstering
23rd September 2012

I know Greg mother of the year (makes up for all those other times I am crap)
23rd September 2012

Just love the blogs have fun in Italy :)

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