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May 26th 2012
Published: May 26th 2012
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breakfast looking downstream on the Seinebreakfast looking downstream on the Seinebreakfast looking downstream on the Seine

we have our kindles and enjoying the quiet of the morning
we were up at the crack of 9am this morning, bought some pan du chacolat and walked to the downriver point of the island and read our kindles for two hours, another glorius day in Paris and the place is CROWDED as this is a 3 day weekend (Pentacost) with many schools out. we feel like we're "locals" staying in the Isle and our hotel is so wonderful. we walked around the island and visited a realtor to sort out square metres and local apartment rents, then found a sign for a piano concert this evening (we were planning on going to the Mozart Requiem at eh Elise Madelaine but changed our minds), visted a few shops and went back to the room and prepared for a tour of the Murais district where we went a cool bookstore, checked out all the fashions, walked past the Musee Picasso, tried to find the oldest street in Paris (rue Saint-Séverin - couldn't find it) and then got a call from Martha (my cousin) who was done with rehearsals and suggested we meet up at the entrance to the Jardin Luxembourg (Toni has wanted to visit this while we were here). we were now
Que de BourbonQue de BourbonQue de Bourbon

Hotel is french for mansion and the I'lle Saint Louis is home of some fine mansions
on to the Left Bank. waiting for Martha we watched a big demonstratin against KLM for flying animals for experimentation. Martha showed up and we sat in the shade for a while and listened to her tell her story of how she came to Paris via New York, modern dance and all. she could write a book about her life I think. we walked to the Palais de Luxembourg fountain then visited the Fountaine de Medicis. from there we walked by the Theatre de L'Odeon as we proceeded to the Blvd St Germain (location of the first hotel we stayed at in Paris). we crossed the Seine at walked past the Palais de Justice and the backside of Hotel Dieu, across the Pt St Louis to home. we bid adieu to Martha and went looking for the theatre for the concert so we could buy tickets, tried calling but busy then finally got through but no one spoke English (called Martha to do the translation and she called back saying there were plenty of tickets); freshened up in the room and went to the concert and on the way back to the hotel visited a botique olive oil shop (Premiere Pression Provence) and got into a conversation with the proprieters (from Cleveland!) about olive on the Central Coast and ending buying presents for some friends and family - you know who you are. now we're contemplating a visit to the Arc de Triumphe to watch the sunset - - - it's at 10:40pm !

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with Marthawith Martha
with Martha

she is a choreographer, performer, director and artist who has been living in Paris for 28 years
Rue St Louis en I'lleRue St Louis en I'lle
Rue St Louis en I'lle

I think they better change the name of the island to the Island of Ice Cream
Rue Soufflot to the PantheonRue Soufflot to the Pantheon
Rue Soufflot to the Pantheon

the view from the entrance to the Jardin Luxenbourg

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