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June 9th 2019
Published: June 5th 2019
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When I saw this list, I figured I might have been to a few. But all six? No way!

But I will restrict my comments to my own personal experience at each place.

Shinjuku-Tokyo This place (third photo) is a literal feast for the senses. So many izakayas, sushi bars, and yakitori joints. I think I could go to a different one each day for a year! Bourdain loved this place.

Shibuya-Tokyo This is Times Square on steroids! Probably the world's largest pedestrian crossing in the world. Certainly a plethora of neon. And lots of good places to eat, along with the famous Asadachi. It is also home to the famous statue of Hachiko (google it for a great story, Japanese version, of course)!

Zurich Hauptbahnhof It has been a long time since I was here, 1971 to be exact. I just remember it was rather old but beautiful.

Gare du Nord-Paris Really, a great jumping off point for Paris, heading north, to my fav spot, Champagne (Ardennes). Quite charming, lots of good bakeries, but a total madhouse of people. And some decent shopping too!

Penn Station-NYC Quite a sane place (second photo) by European standards. I think it is easy to navigate compared to most big stations. It probably needs some refurb and remodel, again.

Union Station-Toronto Large, spacious, almost cavernous (fourth photo). Not much going on retail or food wise, but located in the center of the city.

Some of my other favorites:

Union Station-Washington, DC Cleaned up, pretty, lots of retail and food, plus easy to navigate. And easily reached!

Munich Hauptbahnhof I love the food options here, a total feast if you don't want to stray very far. I even bought some Cubans (cigars) here. And great cold beer, in the best Munich tradition. Walking distance to Oktoberfest grounds.

Victoria Station-London Classicly British, fun, except when I try to find a few pence for the WC. I stayed nearby for two weeks when I went to Wimbledon a few years back.

I did not enjoy any of the train stations in Russia. Difficult to navigate, limited food options, unofficial baggage handlers trying to con rubles! On the other hand, almost all of the trian stations in Japan offer great food and shopping options, and are fairly easy to navigate. I love the Eurail system. I am waiting to win the lottery so I can take the Orient Express.

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