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Europe » France » Île-de-France » Saint-Denis November 6th 2011

"Are you ready to see Paris" I asked my wife as the we alighted at St Denis metro and walked to the escalator to the street. She hadn't been that over awed with the ride in from Charles de Gaulle, so this was to be the moment when Paris had to hit home. I went up first with the camera ready to catch the look on her face as she entered the City of Light for the first time. The expression on her face told it all. Paris in all its inherent charm greeted her in St Denis - stylishly dressed coffee sippers bathed in morning sunshine, historic architecture, cast iron Metro signage, people hurrying, car horns sounding, energy abounding - we are in Paris. Sitting at the cafe, ordering a 1664 (for me) and an ... read more
st denis
chateau d'eau

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Saint-Denis March 21st 2009

After returning from Fountainebleau, we took the Metro over to the Basilique de St. Denis, where much of the French nobility is buried, including Louis XVI and Marie Antionette. Then, we headed over to Sacre Coeur and the Montmartre area for dinner and people-watching.... read more
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Europe » France » Île-de-France » Saint-Denis September 25th 2007

3 Days in Paris, Great City wish I had more time here!!... read more
View of Paris city
View of Paris city
Arc de Triomphe Paris

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Saint-Denis July 30th 2007

And today it is my last day in Paris! Walked all day again, I am doing the Left Bank Walk now... What a great city to just being here. I will leave tomorrow morning... I will see you soon! Mi ultimo dia en paris! Camine todo el dia. Estoy en el Left Bank... Que ciudad increible! Me voy manana a la manana! Un beso a todos!... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Saint-Denis July 29th 2007

Oh well Cecilia and Jano left. Friday was the best day at Villefranche Sur Mer, where Ceci swam and Janito asked to get into the water. We had dinner at a very nice restaurant; and get ready to go back home at around 9 pm. At that time we realized that the last bus home had left one hour earlier, and our only choice was to walk for one hour to get back home! Fortunately Jano was happy on his stroller, and the town was pretty safe, and luckyly, cecilia is more oriented than I am and we arrived to the apartment with no maps, just following the ocean and the light houses! We left at 630 the following morning, super exhausted. ceci's back packed was so big that both of us had to lift it! ... read more
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Europe » France » Île-de-France » Saint-Denis July 18th 2007

Right, Im 3 days in now. So far i've been to Amsterdam, Antwerp, Paris and now in Bordeux for a couple hours. Amsterdam was crazy, so many vices in that city. We first went to a range of different backpackers but none had any room for us. Untill one place told us as we were walking out that there was a room available across town, WHich we took. Turns out across town meant in the middle of the red-light-district. The whole town stinks of weed and then you are bombarded with hundreds of sex shop, prostitutes and the famous women in the windows... Definatly a fun place to visit but i woldnt want to stay to long. Next was Antwerp, sooooo many jewelry shops and a huge shopping street in the old part of town. Got ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Saint-Denis April 22nd 2007

Paris The Conley Family Hey everyone! My family has been in Paris since the 19th and today is the 22nd. It seems since we have been walking so much that we have walked about everywhere possible in Pris. If anyone here wants to go to Paris, instead of walking everywher on foot I recomend takeng a bike tour with because #1 biking 10 miles is easier than walking 10, and #2 because they are freindly and for those of you who don't speak french thankfully they speak english because they are a ameirican based company. My family took this bike tour and we had alot of fun. So far it has been kind of difficult trying to learn spanish by going to France, Morocco and Portugal. But one of the good sides of going ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Saint-Denis January 23rd 2005

Paris et Deuil La Barre Europe » France » Ile de France » Paris » Saint Denis By VoyagesVoyages January 23rd 2005 La petite famille a Deuil Trajet Dublin-Paris VoyagesVoyages Et voila', de retour en Europe Mais avec Paris, une des plus belles villes au monde..... On a plein de cadeaux pour les petites nieces, Doumi et Peg Et Rome, Bella Roma, qui nous attend dans 2 jours Quelques photos de Panam quand meme avant de visiter la ca... read more
L'Arc de Triomphe
Moulin Rouge

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