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Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris March 20th 2006

after hours and hours of traveling; including 21 hours on a fairy, we are finally on land again in paris. we got in a little late so will be heading downtown tomorrow to^paint the town. sorry can*t write more right now....will write and post pictures before we leave paris. until next time... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris March 18th 2006

One of the major policy flaws with my first hostel in Paris was that alcohol was prohibited from being brought in from the outside. It could of course be purchased in hostel at an overinflated price (2 euros for a tiny bottle of bavaria. Last time I checked Bavaria was a part of Germany not Holland, but the label begged to differ) but poor backpackers like myself can't afford that kind of thing every day. My new hostel, situated right at the foot of Montmarte had no such authoritarian beverage related regulations. This new found freedom must have gone to my head though, because it led me to behave rather recklessly with regard two euro bottle of wine (now identified as the possible culprit for my subsequent mystery illness) and several supplementary beers. In hindsight this ... read more
Montmarte Graveyard
Van Gogh's Hang out
Pompidou lobby

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris March 16th 2006

Paris.. the first stop on my round the world ticket. I flew BMI and headed into city centre where I had a lovely stay at the Hilton Arc de Triumf. After drinks with my ex (Laura) and her friend Myriem, Laura and I went for dinner... just one night in Paris, so not to much to say!... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris March 16th 2006

Hey everyone! So I realize it's been an inexcusably long time since my last blog, but it's the computer's fault, not mine, I promise. I'd love to catch you all up on everything I've been doing since December when I last wrote, but then I might never catch up to myself and everything that I'm doing now. So. Now. Kyle was just here a week ago for about 10 days providing me with the excitement of having family come to visit, as well as the wonderful excuse to get out and do some more touristy things. First though, he wanted everyone to see where I live. Somehow I've lost the picture of the small but charming courtyard garden walkway that leads to my apartment. So instead I have the pictures of my bathroom which Kyle found ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris March 16th 2006

Wow. What a first day. I landed already sleep deprived at about 9:30 am and have been going all day. I guess every country has its intricacies, and I had difficulty just buying a ticket from the airport to Paris. Basically, the automatic machines only take coin Euros or smart cards... and the coin changer was out of order... so I went and bought some candy (to get change), and they wouldn't. So, I ended up waiting in line for awhile to buy a ticket. At any rate, after about two hours from the time I landed, I got to Paris. The first thing I did was reserve my ticket for tonight from here to Vienna on a sleeper car. After that I worked on figuring out the Metro subway system and went to the Louvre. ... read more
Found it!
Courtyard at the Louvre

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris March 15th 2006

In March we took off for 3 weeks in FRANCE! Let me start by just saying “Tre Bien”. This vacation was SO MUCH FUN!!! How can trips just keep getting better and better? Hard to believe, but it seems they can. I think it’s more like the saying “Each child is your favorite but in a different way”. This saying applies to our kids (borrowed) and our trips. As a matter of fact, the main point of this trip was to visit with Elise and Robin; both way over-due for a visit. As usual we joined up in Dubai, due to us still being separated at the time. We had a difficult time finding each other at the Dubai International Airport. It’s a big place so we had agreed to meet in the Business Class Lounge; ... read more
Corner market
Sacre Cour at Sunset
Paris street

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris March 14th 2006

Ah, life in Paris is getting better every day! The sun is shining for the entire day and my winter coat is too hot! Hooray! I have been up to many things since I last wrote. Classes are going very well, perhaps I say this because I haven’t had to turn in any work yet, but nonetheless I am very optimistic that the work will all get done somehow. Maybe you avid readers recall that I have developed a relationship with a sixty five year old French couple. I stumbled into their lives because my family rented their apartment over Christmas. At any rate, they have had me over for innumerable meals, all lavish, and teas, all complete with a snack, and we spend an hour speaking in French and an hour speaking in English. They ... read more
Back in Paris

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris March 13th 2006

It's difficult not to feel self-conscious in Paris. The city's reputation as the pinnacle of high fashion is well known: but it's more than just clothes, it's the whole attitude. A flick of the wrist to stub out a cigarette, the casual, almost lazy swagger, a nonchalant tilt of the head to express distate. This is kind of stupid, but a few days ago, while sitting in a laundrette, waiting for my washing; I couldn't help feeling that, the cluster of students hanging around, just knew something was up. I was an outsider. They obviously sat around waiting for their laundry with so much more style than moi. All this could just be dismissed as arrogant posturing, but it's difficult to not feel at least some empathy towards the Parisians, and their disdainful attitude towards outsiders. ... read more
A Clarinetist
Round About
Restaurant with Pianist

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris March 12th 2006

March 12, 2006 Hello everyone, I haven’t updated my blog in a while but all is well with me. A few things that have recently happened to me: I discovered the Library at the University Paris VIII and now my need for a library to study in has finally been quenched. A life saver for two reasons: one because I can stay awake longer reading when I have other students to look at, and two because I can watch films there for free. My next discovery is my until now hidden love for éclairs, I now think about them almost every time I pass a patisserie - which is quite often. Third, I discovered the revolutionary spirit of French students. And this is actually what I want to discuss since the éclair subject is exhausted after ... read more
Student inside Sorbonne on Windowsill
Contre CPE
Contre CPE Sign

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris March 11th 2006

As you are likely to tell from the volume of beautiful photo’s that I managed to get, Paris is the most amazingly gorgeous city. The accommodation proved to be a slight mission after we realised that our booking for the “Peace and Love Hostel” (on which we had our hearts set based almost purely on the fabulous name) was for April rather than March. However we ended up booking into a Hotel close to the Gard du Nord which was where we arrived on the Eurostar. Did make it a little more expensive than I was expecting, but it was still pretty decently priced for a Hotel. George joined us the next day and we trudged out in the rather miserable weather to see the Eiffel tower. We went right to the top (and were surprised ... read more
Hotel balcony
Hotel balcony- at night

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