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May 23rd 2005
Published: May 29th 2005
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Notre Dame CathedralNotre Dame CathedralNotre Dame Cathedral

Yet another photo of the Notre Dame
Cara and I spent the morning visiting the Notre Dame Cathedral. We spent the afternoon walking around the left bank and the Ile de Cite. Since we're here for 2 weeks, we decided to take our time. There's no need to go rushing around from on end of the city to the other. After all, this trip is only partly about being in Paris, it's mostly about being with eachother away from "all the rushing around."

Paris has so many truly spectacular attractions. So spectacular that it's worth it to deal with all the crowd and noise. Even so, it's liberating to "get these out of the way" so one can really start enjoying Paris in a different way. There's another side to the city that "hitting the sights" leaves you too tired and busy to explore.

My workmate Jeff DePuy lived for a year in Paris learning French and has raved about the ice-cream from Berthillon on the Ile St. Louis across from the Notre Dame. I just want to say that he's absolutely right!

Tonight, we saw Episode III: Les Revanches de Sith. I loved it! Sure, it wasn't perfect but after two movies, Lucas finally
Notre DameNotre DameNotre Dame

We had a picnic dinner out in front of the Notre Dame.
stopped treating his franchise like a glass egg and it was so much fun. No, we didn't see it in French and I only found the sub-titles distracting because "Darth Vadar" translated as "Dark Vadar." Rest assured, the French have a dork-patrol that plays light-saber out in front of the movie theatre just as we do in America.

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Cara By The Notre DameCara By The Notre Dame
Cara By The Notre Dame

We are staying so close to the Notre Dame, we pass by it almost everyday. O look honey, the Notre Dame...again (yawn) :)

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