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July 21st 2006
Published: August 22nd 2006
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What happened to the Swiss Clock?What happened to the Swiss Clock?What happened to the Swiss Clock?

Did they lose their famous punctuality? Do they have a sense of humor?? Are they out of their numbers? Or is it “all of the above”? A nice twist on the so famous clock…
A very late note about the last day of the trip - as I uploaded the pictures ages ago and never wrote the text.
We spent the last night in Geneva, and didn't do much except a nice stroll around the tip of the lake, where we enjoyed a small food festival.
On Friday morning we checked in the airport just to discover that the connecting flight to Israel was postponed to the middle of the night which meant a very long day in Paris (we flew with Air France through Paris). For me personally it wasn't bad at all - I won a visit in Paris + lunch with my cousin Sharon (that part was planned) + got to see the rest of the family, including my beautiful charming nieces, in the evening. The touristy part included a visit in Musée Art et Métiers - since I was traveling with 2 more engineers, I thought it would be a nice idea. I think we all enjoyed, except for the extreme heat inside, couldn't they demonstrate the invention of the air conditioning too????
Well after a long flight (with a whole bench to myself so I had a good night sleep) we got back home. It's time to plan the next travel adventure!

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Even the violin was hugeEven the violin was huge
Even the violin was huge

(Yeah I know it's a real stupid joke!)
Paris, just a beautiful (i.e. yummie) market stallParis, just a beautiful (i.e. yummie) market stall
Paris, just a beautiful (i.e. yummie) market stall

In the market street - rue Montorgueil
Paris, and another oneParis, and another one
Paris, and another one

Still at rue Montorgueil

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