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September 30th 2013
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What a day this has been, what a rare mood I'm in, why it's almost like falling in love!! Needles to say I've had a FANTASTIC day in Paris!

It began when I went to have a manicure at a nail shop a short walk from my apartment. With my nails a very glamorous red I headed off on the subway to join a walking tour. I found the tour on the Internet at www.discoverwalks.com and can thoroughly recommend it to anyone intending to visit Paris. I did the Left Bank Latin Quarter Tour with an excellent tour guide Kévi Donat and, apart from two girls from Brazil, everyone on the tour was Australian. I loved every minute of it. Many things I learnt on the tour I've used to describe the photos so won't repeat them here. Except that is to make mention of the original Shakespeare and Company bookstore which was opened by Sylvia Beach in 1919 and which became a gathering place for the likes of Ezra Pound, Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, F Scott Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein and Man Ray. Under German occupation during WW11 the original store closed and never reopened. But in 1951 George Whitman
Palais de Justice, ParisPalais de Justice, ParisPalais de Justice, Paris

Former Royal Palace of Saint Louis
opened another English language bookstore which, in 1964 after Sylvia Beach's death, was renamed Shakespeare and Company. Many famous people have used the bookstore and with 13 bed many people have spent the night there. I'm definitely going back before I leave Paris!

After saying goodby to my fellow walkers, and refreshing myself with an expensive cup of coffee in a café I wandered into the Luxembourg Gardens which was filled with many others enjoying the beauty and peace of it all.

Deciding to go to eat out in the evening to a restaurant just up the road from my apartment, once I opened the door to freshen up before heading off again, my intentions changed. Instead I ate in while l listening to Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Pearl Bailey and the like, a couple of whom were singing "What a day this has been..."

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Notre Dame CathedralNotre Dame Cathedral
Notre Dame Cathedral

Celebrating 850 years since it was first built
Kévi, our Discover Walks guideKévi, our Discover Walks guide
Kévi, our Discover Walks guide

He was an excellent guide who was a fountain of knowledge as well as a proud Parisian
Shakespeare & Company BookstoreShakespeare & Company Bookstore
Shakespeare & Company Bookstore

A famous bookstore with a great history!
The oldest tree in ParisThe oldest tree in Paris
The oldest tree in Paris

Planted in 1602 in the square in front of the church Saint Julien le Pauvre which dates from the 6th century
Statue of Michel Montaigne, father of the essayStatue of Michel Montaigne, father of the essay
Statue of Michel Montaigne, father of the essay

Opposite the Sorbonne, students rub his foot for good luck before an exam; you can see the result
Michelle & the fellow walking groupMichelle & the fellow walking group
Michelle & the fellow walking group

All of us were Australians apart from the two girls on the right who were from Brazil
Saint Étienne du MontSaint Étienne du Mont
Saint Étienne du Mont

Which contains the shrine of Saint Geneviève, patron saint of Paris
The PantheonThe Pantheon
The Pantheon

Once a Christian basilica now a temple to the nation
There is a push for more women to be interred in the PanthéonThere is a push for more women to be interred in the Panthéon
There is a push for more women to be interred in the Panthéon

At this point there are only two, one of whom is Marie Curie
Exhibition celebrating Jacques-Germain SoufflotExhibition celebrating Jacques-Germain Soufflot
Exhibition celebrating Jacques-Germain Soufflot

Soufflot was the Parthéon's archItect although it wasn't finished until after his death

1st October 2013

The joys of Paris
A wonderful city! Hard not to be in a great mood while you are there.
1st October 2013

Loving Paris!
Off to the Mussée D'Orsay today and REALLY looking forward to that!

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