Day 23: Paris

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March 27th 2011
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Back to the hop on bus, we are getting better at the transport system and it took less time to get to town today. On the bus our first stop was the Eiffel tower and as usual some of it was under bloody refurbishment and getting to the top was not going to happen, we got to the second level about 1/3 the way up and what a view, we decided to walk down the stairs all 600 odd of them, bloody legs hurt all day after that. The Eiffel tower was just spectacular and way way bigger than you expect. The number of people there is hard to explain and it is surprising the damn tower doesn’t fall over, shoulder to shoulder all the way. Off to the Louvre it is spectacular, the Mona Lisa was a must see so we saw it, don’t know why everyone raves about it to me it is just another picture, but then I have all the art sense of a brick The Louvre is so big it would take several full days to see it all we only spent a few hours there and despite all the notes being in French we really enjoyed it. After then it was off to the Notre Dame for some must have pics and a quick sojourn to the Palace, by this time it was 5.30 and we nearly missed the last bus back to the train station for the trip back to the camper. Being so late and we also had no food in the camper it was dinner on the Champs Elysee, McDonald's was all we could afford. In fact even the entrees in the restaurants were beyond our budget. Rating for the campground, great staff, very poor facilities and way to expensive, nice location but hard to get into the city and again expensive to get there, around 25 Euro per day for three people.

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