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April 2nd 2006
Published: April 2nd 2006
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here we are after enjoying gelato, yes it was cold and grey but that doesn't stop a true gelato lover!
I hope this blog finds you all well!!

I have, as usual, had another wonderful few weeks in Paris, and of course my experiences are rather varied and abundant. My Art History course this semester went to the Centre Pompidou (the modern art museum), which has been really helpful to me in that it gave me a much greater understanding of what Surrealism and the movements that followed were trying to get across with their 'radical' art.

My dear friend Dustin came to visit! He flew all the way from Colorado to spend his spring break walking the streets of Paris with me. Since it was his second time here, we skipped the big monuments and just enjoyed the dawning of spring in Paris. We mainly spent the five or so days he was here walking around my favorite neighborhoods and seeing the off the beaten path sights. We enjoyed gelato every day, such sacrifices I make for my guests, he became addicted to my favorite falafel place, we enjoyed walking in the Marais, he met my friends for coffee or beers, and took time by himself to see the ballet. It was good to get a hug from
Père LachaisePère LachaisePère Lachaise

We really enjoyed walking around the huge cemetary Père Lachaise where all sorts of famous people are burried. It is a big thing for the Parisians to take picnics there! We just enjoyed wandering along.
home. You can tell by our photos it was a very serious visit.

Then came the big day of ‘greve’ or strikes. I live a two hours from school, so Tuesday was made up mostly of walking the streets of Paris since the metro workers took part in the strike. I didn’t attend any of the protests that day, but stumbled upon one in the evening, which I promptly left because that is the time of day when the protests become nasty and the ‘casseurs’ move in, making the event sometimes violent. Thankfully, Dustin was still able to get out as the trains were running one of every four and not completely stopped.

I swear I am still in school here, in fact, I took three exams this last week. They were very thorough and detailed so I can’t really guess what I’ll get on them. It appears the exams took a lot out of me so I am now sick with a wicked cold. Unfortunate, but it has only slowed me down a little. I’m trying to heal before my trip to Morocco.

April Fool's Day here is called the "Poisson d'Avril" yes, the fish of
Centre Pompidou Centre Pompidou Centre Pompidou

Here we are enjoying the sunshine in front of the modern art museum after having eaten the best falafel in the world
April. The kids cut out paper fish at school and their goal is to tape them to their parents' back. Of course the parents play along and so all day you could see parents with fish on their back. Very cute. They too do the joke thing and then say "poisson d'avril" when it comes time to say it was a joke. I was only fished once yesterday and it was enough for me!

I’m off to write an essay! The trip to Morocco will be heavily documented by photographs don’t worry!

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Notre DameNotre Dame
Notre Dame

There was a ceremony when were were there, the adoration of the relics I think....
Are there 2 Notre Dames?Are there 2 Notre Dames?
Are there 2 Notre Dames?

Dustin being imposing like Notre Dame.....

Waiting for the Louvre to be free for students

One of his only requests is we find Hammurabi's Code and here it is!

Hooray for spring time!
Sunest on the SeineSunest on the Seine
Sunest on the Seine

We even were able to enjoy an evening sitting on the Seine it was such nice weather!

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