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September 11th 2009
Published: September 11th 2009
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It is dusk, we are in Paris, the city of lights, love, romance and fashion…we find ourselves sitting in a French café watching the world walk by. Traveling rejuvenates our soul so we had to come. Life is not about the number of years that you live but the amount of life you experience in those years. We have come to live, share and experience the beauty that Paris has to offer. You have to l... Read Full Entry

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A Trip to Versailles A Trip to Versailles
A Trip to Versailles

To view the granduer and the hall of mirrors!
A View of ParisA View of Paris
A View of Paris

....from the Eiffel Tower

11th September 2009

Pleasantly Piqued
Looks glorious! Glad you had time to share. The fountain pic caught my eye - love water. Enjoy!
14th September 2009

You are sooooo lucky!
Silly me, I thought you two were going to pack away your traveliling gear after your world tour. I am delighted that wonderlust is still in your veins. Thanks for sharing this with me. Warmest Regards, Jack Little
15th September 2009

Seeing your pictures sent chills down my spine! It feels like I was there just yesterday. It makes me want to return to Paris so badly. Although there are certainly cities in Europe that I was content with seeing the sights, eating the foods, and getting out of dodge (Rome...), Paris is a city I could spend months in and still not get bored. Now that I have made a big voyage abroad your travel updates make me thirst for more. I really hope you enjoy your time there. By the way, I meant to tell (and sorry that it is too late) that if you are facing the Notre Dame Cathedral and follow it to the back (next to the garden area) on the left hand side, look across the street with your back to the cathedral and there is a small cafe there...the best hot chocolate ever! Safe travels, Douglas
15th September 2009

Paris Info
Great update on Paris and we are on your heals arriving Oct 3rd for 5 days. We are staying just onRue Cler at the Hotel Relais Bosquet. Thanks for all the great insights.
3rd March 2010

I love Paris!
I went to Paris two years ago and loved it!! Also love the colorful shirt that your wife is wearing in the "MJ loves Paris" photo! lol ~Bailey
3rd March 2010

Hello Bailey
Bailey, We are happy that you have enjoyed our blogs. We've just published one from the Caribbean. When you plan your RTW trip let us know and we will be happy to provide you with some pointers. Until then save a little money each paycheck for the adventure and it will happen sooner than you think! Any time you read a blog that you enjoy it is great to press the recommend button so they know you have enjoyed it. Have a great day.
12th March 2011
A Few French Cheeses

Your blogs always have such appetising food photos, but this is probably my favourite!
12th March 2011

Thank you.
Foods allow you to learn so much about the culture. I'm glad you enjoyed Perfectly Paris, that was one of our favorites.
20th April 2011

I know it is Paris and it is amazing but I was not sure if I was going to make a stop there. Now that I have seen this post I am definitely going to work it into may travel plans! Thanks for the interest in my blog and I hope your adventures continue to bring you all the joy in the world.
25th April 2011
The Eiffel Tower has a shadow

Love Shadows
Hello, I was looking through your blogs this morning. I love that you take pictures of shadows, your dinners, food displays and such. Thanks for sharing.
25th April 2011

Thanks for noticing
We loved that shadow of the tower. What a great city
2nd May 2011

viewing Paris blog for the 2nd time
I have a chance to go to Paris this fall and was considering going elsewhere, this chaanged my mind
9th June 2015
A Few French Cheeses

French cheeses.
Love all the cheeses, makes me think about going back to France. They are so cheap there too in comparison to OZ!
9th June 2015
A Few French Cheeses

The Cheesses
So many cheeses and so little time.

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