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June 19th 2009
Published: June 20th 2009
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After my hotel break I headed up Sacred Heart/Sacre Coeur. It’s a beautiful church on a hill in the northern part of Paris, so it provides an excellent view of the city. It’s neat because there are literally hundreds of people chilling on the grassy hill leading up to the church, and on the steps themselves. The architecture is absolutely amazing, so I had fun taking a million photos. As I left I noticed a mass happening outside, so I joined… except I then found myself surrounded by singing nuns and super enthusiastic Parisians who were singing along and bowing as the procession went by. I did my best to look like I belonged, but uhm, I think for once I didn’t succeed haha.

One negative thing about the area, it is a tourist trap. I made a “friend” who was targeting all the single women travelers, making them bracelets and then demanding they pay. Unfortunately for him I spoke French, something he only realized a few min into the spiel, so he was kind of stuck haha. Sucker. He tried to act as if he was interested in Canada, I’m like no, I’m still not interested bud.

I walked around the small streets for about an hour, randomly weaving in and out. I happened by the La Fayette Galleries. Holy crap… any high class chain you name, it’s in there, and the building itself is this 4-floor masterpiece of architecture on the inside, with a HUGE dome ceiling (which is obv painted).

I ended the adventure with Opera House - again, I was in photo heaven taking pictures of all the statues and details of the building. I grabbed a bite to eat at a café off the main path, and then headed back to my hotel. Tomorrow the plan is to see the other main sites, although I think I’ll have to forego the Louvre (on the inside) for next time… I just don’t have the time this time around.

Also, I came to a realization today while walking around the city: if you say you’re from Canada, and you’re speaking French, you’re automatically from Quebec, mostly likely Montreal. When you explain you aren’t, most seem thoroughly confused as to how this is possible. Ah, how enjoyable.

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