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May 8th 2008
Published: May 27th 2009
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Nothing can be worse then traveling to a country where they dont like AMericans or enjoy speaking our language! France!! This morning we woke up bright and early to get to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. We got a quick croissant and orange juice then made our way to our last stop in Amsterdam. The anne freank house was an experience that actually made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. None of the original furniture was there but the thought of being in the Annex was thrilling.

We went back to the hotel, gout our bags and started our journey to Paris! We made our first train in perfect timing to Brussels, Belgium. It was a 4 hour layover so we just stopped and bought some belgium chocolate, (SO GOOD!) it is so smooth! I bought some to send home. It may melt, but oh well, it would be so worth it!

Since the train station could be quite confusing, I asked a nice (or so i thought) french conductor man which car of the train we sat on. He said the last one. So, me, the trusting AMerican, listens and drags my 50 lb bag to the last car with bev lagging behind!! 20 min later a very nice French lady (beleive me, she was nice) told us we belonged in coach 8, not 18! so 10 minutes before the train left, here are the only 2 Americans running down the train station, both bags in hand, sweating like pigs, trying not to miss the train. We made it just in time.

The train ride was uneventful. The wine valleys remind me of California. Then, we finally arrived in Paris.

First things first, i bought a language book for 5 euros to get by. We walked outside the train station to find a taxi. Here comes this large black french guy whispering and asking if we needed a taxi!~ He said 25 minutes, 45 euros we... we took it lol. The whole way to our hotel we listended to Tu-Pac and Bob Marley. Enough said.

Our hotel room is very small but so unique. With the subway station on the corner we are close to anywhere we want to go. We found this after 5 hours in the city lol.

I have to say that not knowing frnech has really made paris a hard city to get by in if your american. They really do not like you except the parisian men who think american women are absolutely beautiful!

For dinner we opted for some gross chinese, and coca cola. We then decided to call the guys and learn the subway system by ourselves. 2 hours were spent scratching our heads haha.. But now, we undstand it.

We tried to purchase Moulin rouge tickets but unfortunately they were sold out. But the guy told us to try early tomorrow. WIll do. Pigalle where the moulin rouge is, is an area like AMsterdam, porn shows, erotic shops, u name, Quite interesting. Can you beleive u have to pay to use the bathrooms here? Rediculoius lol. Well im missing justin a lot... I cant wait to lay in his arms, but tonight i got bev. haha.. BOnjour Nicole

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