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September 30th 2008
Published: September 30th 2008
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Well kids, this is it. the last poke. im packing now for my last day in europe. after this its home to friends, family, food i love, english i understand, and beer that doesnt cost 10 bucks a pint.( maybe at the stadium)

ive had a great time here, as most of you have seen. So i thought i would do a run down of the trip, briefly.

my head once
a tooth
a camera
one or two hearts
the american stereotype

my mind at times
my sense of uniqueness in the universe
my watch
my misshappen views of the world and how it percieves me.
my yankee hat (couldn't be helped, there were bulls chasing me)
some money to good causes
my innocennce

Friends forever!
A new and lasting apprieciation for my family and what they mean to me.
Maturity(i think)
Knowledge of the sea and sailing(thanks capt'n steve)
A reaffirmed feeling that all things are possible.

These lists could go on for a while, but id miss my plane. So in conclustion, i will say that this blog will remain open for the time being. ill keep everone out here informed on whats going on at home, like they were here. And we'll talk about future expiditions. i know of one wedding in england im to at least attend. so, dont cry for me argintina, ill be fine. see you all soon hopefully.
love to you all, safe travels, and dont forget your old buddy bob


1st October 2008

we won't ever forget ya bloke.
hi there big man, we'll be seein you soon when you get down under or i drag my sorry ass to the states. Had a mad time with you mate. Boy did we cry on that bus! Check out the link on my face book for some of our photos. Big big love, jon and laura
9th October 2008

Bob Fuckin Bob
How you holdin up man, you had the look of death last i saw you! You get everything fixed? To tell you the truth, home is overrated, I need to go back.

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