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August 19th 2007
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Chip and DaleChip and DaleChip and Dale

Meet The Mason boys
Disney land Paris blog

Day 1 - sun 19th aug 2007-08-24
Well as usual Leanne was up first, making the sarnies to take to airport and finishing off the packing. Next up was Thomas, very excited saying “are we going to see Mickey mouse?”. Soon the car was all packed and off we went. On arrival at airport car park, we were escorted to terminal on minibus, everything went smoothly and soon we were boarding the plane to Paris. There were lots of excited kids including Thomas. We travelled from the airport to our destination (dream castle hotel) in a minibus which we shared with another family (kids were called Emily and Robbie) they too were excited especially when we could see the Castle in the distance. Once in the hotel we checked in and took in the surroundings. Thomas’s eyes lit up when he saw all the rides in the reception area, merry go rounds, ball pool and various Disney rides. We then went up the explore our room, we weren’t disappointed. Luxury is what id describe it as. We unpacked and had a 5 minute relax, before heading down to the pool. We weren’t disappointed. There was a
The CastleThe CastleThe Castle

15years of Disneyland Pairs
small but comfortable pool with a splash slide which Thomas loved, also a Jacuzzi or bubbles as Thomas called it. We spent around an hour in there before going back to the room to get ready for our for our first night in Disney park. We boarded the Disney shuttle before arriving at our destination. It wasn’t too crowded (6pm), we bought our tickets and headed through the gates. With our maps to keep us right we began explore. First up was meeting the dragon who guarded the castle. T loved him and we stayed there 15 mins just staring at him blowing fire and smoke. After this we went on It’s a small world ride This was fantastic, no Q well a couple of mins. Thomas was enthralled as we headed round on a boat taking in all the characters, it was fab. Next me and T went on the teacups, then all 3 of us on the merry go round. The Pinocchio ride was one of my favourites, if not a bit frightening, T loved it. We heard some commotion and realised a parade must be starting ………………… We didn’t have a great view but what we saw
The dragonThe dragonThe dragon

Thomas loved this dragon
was fantastic, seeing all the characters was brilliant. Great atmosphere, if not a bit spooky seeing the villains their own special float, including witches, pirates etc…. We then found a fast food joint were we enjoyed cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, chicken roast, chips washed down with orange fanta threw a straw, which Paul became obsessed with. Next up was Adventure land, were The Pirates of the Caribbean ride awaited us, Again no queue as lots of the rides have flowing queues. Thomas was a little apprehensive as we rode through the pirate scenes in the dark, and going over a few bumps. But by the end he said “ I wana go on again, I need the pirates “………………….. We had a stroll around before heading to discovery land , were we rode on the buzz light year laser blast, this was very exciting especially for Paul, who was very competitive at shooting the targets. Thomas had a go too and was very good at it. I had the task of navigating the cart. When we came out Thomas decided to use some of his spending money to buy his own laser gun, which he loved. It soon got later so

Leanne a bit more excited than Thomas
we explored some more of the area before finding an ideal spot to watch the fantilusion parade.Paul had spotted an area behind the popcorn cart, which no one had noticed, we politely asked the man there if we could watch the parade from behind the cart, he said yes. Soon the news spread and other people tried to cram in. We had a perfect view as we saw the parade. Thousand of glittery lights surrounded the floats and Thomas found it magical seeing all his favourite characters going past. Fab. The wishes firework display was soon to begin so we found a spot in front of the castle to watch it. It brought tears to our eyes. After this was a mad dash to get to the shuttle station, after half an hour of finding the right stop, we headed back to the hotel, shattered. Paul and I then enjoyed Smirnoff ice and cold Stella, before falling fast asleep………………..

Day 2 aug 20th

Up at 7 we headed down for our first breakfast of the holiday. We were seated quickly and soon tucking into a delicious brekie. Lea enjoyed fresh fruit salad, and yoghurt, followed by cooked brekkie
Lion KingLion KingLion King

Part of the parade
and coffee, T enjoyed coco pops and beans and sausage , Paul toast, bacon etc. Yummy. We got showered and headed outside the hotel to catch the shuttle to Disney park. We wandered around before getting on the Disney railroad to explore all the areas. Discovery land was the first stop. Lea and Paul decided to try out one of the bigger rides. Space mountain. Lea went on first, it was fab shoots you up into the air followed by lots of twists and turns upside down. We took advantage of baby switch, which enabled Paul to jump on straight after me , without queuing twice. Paul enjoyed it too……………. Next was star tours, queued for 10 mins, sat in a simulator, was a very bumpy ride , excellent. We then queued for autopia which was a car ride, this was a long queue, ¾ an hour. All three of us got in one car, Paul controlled the accelerator and we let Thomas behind the wheel, he was very good at this and devastated when the ride came to an end… T became very shattered and was soon fast asleep,,,,,,,,,, we then headed to get fast past tickets for peter
Pirates of the CaribeanPirates of the CaribeanPirates of the Caribean

Leanne's favourite ride
pans flight then to frontier land to look somewhere to eat. We chose a steak house restaurant, Paul had steak and peppercorn sauce and chips I had… honey and rosemary ribs with special onion based potatoes, we both had a cocktail each and got a special memento glass to take home. Thomas was still fast asleep so we enjoyed some peace and quiet before planning what to do next. Paul wondered whether T was old tall enough for thunder mountain, I explained he wasn’t even 1 metre at light water valley 2 months before and this ride was 1.2 metres. Soon he was awake so after eating his hot dog lunch we headed to check, sure enough he was tall enough. After a massive queue off we headed Paul kept tight hold of T , he loved it even going down the slopes, v very exciting, is he the youngest ever to go on Thunder mountain??????????? (2 years 6 months)
We then headed for phantom manor, we started in the entrance getting told the history of it, very spooky. This was a scary ride full of ghouls and skeletons, great.
Back to fantasyland where it was time for Peter
Mase and ThomasMase and ThomasMase and Thomas

Catalog pose
pans flight, lovely ride, although it was over in minutes, we had another go on carousel horses and Pinocchio. Back to adventure land for a ride on Indiana Jones and the temple of terror, we used baby switch again as T no were near big enough for this, (thank goodness), again a very good ride although over very quick. We then strolled through scenes from Aladdin before heading onto pirates of the Caribbean , (leanne’s favourite)

Previous to this we saw the Disney characters express, they then get off and run about. Soon after we saw another parade, before having a relaxing stroll T was getting hungry so Paul popped to McDonalds, Paul and me big Macs, T chicken nugget happy meal with robodog. This was Thomas’s best toy ever, he loved it.At 1030pm we arrived back at hotel zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Day 3 Aug 21st

Up for brekkiie and out early for our first visit to the studios, we began riding on Flying carpets of Agra bah, fully enjoyable, Thomas controlled how high we went. We wanted to explore all of the area before deciding what to go on what next. We headed for the Aero smith rock
Mickey MouseMickey MouseMickey Mouse

Watched at the secret popcorn spot
and roller coaster Paul went on first, again we had baby switch so I went straight on, fantastic, the first bit takes ya breath away as its shoots ya in a straight line at 70 mile an hour in a second,
While in this area we enjoyed Armageddon special effect show, this was full of fire and great effects. Soon after this it was time to head back to Disney park for our meal at the luck nugget saloon, this was already booked so we didn’t need to queue for ages. Thomas was fast asleep by this time so we had to wake him up. He did so just as Pluto was going past, T was horrified saying, “I don’t like him’., after a plate full of pizza, chips and chicken nuggets, he was wide awake and loved every minute of meeting the characters, including Minnie (who he kissed), goofy, man from Pinocchio, chipmunks , funny bear and a few more. T loved it and kept wanting them to come over and over again. The food was lovely, burgers, pizza, ribs, corn on the cob, lasagne, chilli along with chips, nuggets . salad bar, also deserts, fruit salad, sweets,
Pirate shipPirate shipPirate ship

Leanne carrying invisible plates
lollies, even minimilks.lovely. we headed back to studios, to have another ride of flying carpet, aerosmith rock and roller coaster, and the cars ride. We then settled in our seats for the stunt show. It was brilliant, excellent stunts and they showed ya how they done it behind the scenes, and we walked straight in. At 7 this part closes so AGAIN we headed for the main park, we had one final stroll riding on the snow white, pirates of the Caribbean, again, and captain nemos submarine, before getting a good spot for the parade. Thomas bought himself some buzz light year pyjamas, Mickey mouse slide show and a toy story magnet with his spending money. It was getting later now, so we said our goodbyes to the dragon and headed off to Disney village. After deliberating we decided to go to king Ludwig’s castle, I enjoyed pasta, Paul steak and T a bit of both, and he got a take home beaker, also he got his photo took, he looked gorgeous. T fell fast asleep on the way home so we went straight to the bar in the hotel and took the pushchair in and celebrated a lovely holiday
Funnny bearFunnny bearFunnny bear

You cant take her anywere
by having a glass of wine and pint of lager, also a champagne bellini each………….

Day 4 Aug 22nd
We had brekkie, then had a swim and splash about in the pool, Paul had a massage, we packed, had a chill in the reception area before heading to the airport. Flight was 4 hours delayed ,we arrived back in hartlepool, shattered at 8:30 pm we enjoyed a kfc before going sleep, fantastic time.

By Leanne, Paul and Thomas xxx

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Phantom ManorPhantom Manor
Phantom Manor

Nice little two up two down in Disney
Snow whiteSnow white
Snow white

and the seven dwarfs

View from our window

front of our hotel

Singing in the rain
Pluto attackPluto attack
Pluto attack

I dont like it, i dont like it !!
Minnie MouseMinnie Mouse
Minnie Mouse

WWE nose grab hold

Goofing about
Pluto is backPluto is back
Pluto is back

Ans Thomas isnt scared. WWE tongue grab hold
Donald DuckDonald Duck
Donald Duck

He's quackers

15th September 2007

tomtom & family on tour in disneyland
loved all the photos, especially the ones of pluto and thomas. the rides and the food sounded gorgeous. one day youll go to dosneyworld, florida. exciting!

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