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April 23rd 2007
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Here we are in front of the Louvre and its well-known glass pyramid, designed by the American architect I.M. Pei and costing over $1 billion.

We are having lots of fun here in Paris. We've had incredibly beautiful weather, which helps alot, as we are doing tons of walking. We've seen all the major sites, and also just wandered around a good bit. We're staying in the 10th arrondisement, which is a working-class neighborhood about a mile north of the Seine and the tip of the Island that Notre Dame is on.

One of our highlights was having dinner last night at the house of Marine's parents. Marine was our au pair in Minneapolis three summers ago; she is now a law student here in Paris. Her parents live about a mile from our apartment, and they very graciously invited us over last night. We had an all-French meal: pate, bread, cheese, sausage, champaigne, red wine, macaroons, etc. Both her parents speak English, so we were able to have a very pleasant conversation about a number of topics, including yesterday's first round of voting for the next President of France. There were about 16 candidates, but only 3 major ones. The top two ended up being a conservative and a socialist; the run-off will be in two weeks. Very interesting times.

We spent some time at the Louvre today and saw the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo, and a number of large paintings by Delacroix and some other French artists. The kids tired of the museum scene very quickly, which is understandable given the crowds. But at least they've sampled the best art museum in the world.

We have two more days here, and then on Wednesday we fly back to Madrid. The kids start school next Wednesday in Sevilla; Angie and I will have lots more free time once that happens.

As always, we appreciate your emails. Keep in touch.

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The kids love the crepes you can buy at the stands on the street. Their favorite is nutella and banana.

What tour of Paris would be complete without a picture with cannons. We've seen lots of Napolean-era monuments.
Bike TourBike Tour
Bike Tour

Here we are at the end of our bike tour in front of the Eiffel Tower.
Keenan''s loose toothKeenan''s loose tooth
Keenan''s loose tooth

Ryan decided to help Keenan fulfill her life's dream of losing a tooth in Paris so that she could have a visit from the French tooth mouse.
An anatomy lessonAn anatomy lesson
An anatomy lesson

The kids enjoyed viewing the statues in the Louvre, especially the nudes.
Eiffel TowerEiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower

We walked up all 680 steps of the Eiffel Tower. Keenan made it look easy!
Ryan the art loverRyan the art lover
Ryan the art lover

Proof that art can be mind expanding.
Keenan and her big sisterKeenan and her big sister
Keenan and her big sister

Keenan has decided that Marine is the older sister she never had! The highlight of her trip to Paris was the sleep-over she had with Marine.

Here we are enjoying some famous Bertillon gelato after a monstrous day of walking. After this we were able to enjoy the guy playing Bob Dylan songs and speaking really terrible French on the bridge to the Isle St. Louis.
Notre DameNotre Dame
Notre Dame

Its so cool that the French named a big church after my college alma mater!
Marine's familyMarine's family
Marine's family

We had a great time at the home of Marine's family here in Paris.
Luxemburg GardensLuxemburg Gardens
Luxemburg Gardens

Here is Keenan's tribute to her grandmother Kathleen, lover of gardens.

25th April 2007

au revoir, Paris!
Can't wait to read your next blog. Keep up the good work, I feel like I a there with you! With love, Kate

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