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Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris » Sarcelles January 19th 2014

Each time in Paris, I can not leave without entering at Fauchon Place de la Madeleine, the wahala for sweets... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris » Sarcelles October 2nd 2013

Here are our pictures of Disneyland in Paris... read more
Disneyland Paris France (11)
Disneyland Paris France (10)
Disneyland Paris France (18)

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris » Sarcelles October 1st 2013

Versailles and Paris 19 to 27 September 2013 We arrived in Versailles at about 2.00pm and gave the motor home a thorough clean and organized the cupboards so that Kerrie had some cupboards to put her and Gamma’s things in while we travelled together. We found when we got there that there was nowhere to park the camping car while we stayed in Paris for the week, except to pay full price at the caravan park. This is what we did. The one advantage was that we kept the camper connected to power so made sure a bottle of Champaign was in the fridge for when we returned – as you must!!!. The next day after an eggs & toast breakfast, and after phoning Kerrie who was packing to leave London, and Adam in Perth, we ... read more
Arc de Triomphe (1)
Eiffel Tower Paris (111)
Our perfume workshop in Paris

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris » Sarcelles August 29th 2013

Day 105 – Paris - France A new trip started this morning. The BIG Grand European. I got up at 4:45am (ridiculous) and we were at our starting point by 6am. We then sat around for 45mins so who knows why we had to get there so bloody early. Our tour guide is Irishman Kevin and there are 31 people on the bus. A good number because that means there are spare seats. Kel and I managed to both score a double seat to spread out on. A few people are only doing the first half of our trip and get off in Rome. Not sure if we gain anymore people along the way. We took a ferry to France and drove a few hours to get to Paris. Usually TopDeck stay ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris » Sarcelles August 19th 2013

Upon entering a city as big as Paris, my gut instinct instantly tells me to get the hell out so that's what I did. I hopped on a train to Versailles ad spent the day inhaling fresh air and staring in awe at the amount of green space. It may be a bit out of the city but I think its well worth a visit even if you're only in Paris for a short period of time - Versailles has one of the best gardens of any palace I've visited and I love the architecture of the buildings. There's also the added bonus that entry to the palace is free if you're a European citizen under 25 and reduced entry to the gardens. In all honesty I personally think the palace is nothing special, it's the ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris » Sarcelles August 8th 2013

Day 84 – Paris Ok, time to explore Paris. I kicked off the day with a croissant AND a chocolate croissant just for good measure. Kel and I planned on heading to the Louvre first up seeing as we are so close to it. It was closed. Good start by us. We had a few pictures there and changed our plans to the hop on/hop off bus. We got a two day pass seeing as there are four different routes included. We jumped on the main one and snapped away at all the cool locations. We drove down the Champs Elysees and passed the Arc De Triomphe. Once we got to the Eiffel Tower we HAD to get off and explore of course. We climbed the Eiffel Tower to get some awesome photos and ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris » Sarcelles June 21st 2013

So from San Sabastian to Barcelona we set off in a train once again. We did not have any expectations of Barcelona as we knew little about the city. We were looking forward to some warm weather and luckily after checking the forecast we knew it was going to be warm. We had 3 nights in Barcelona and planned on meeting our friends Kirsty and Sam again for one day of exploring as our time over lapped. Barcelona is well known for its architectual works of Anton Gaudi where his masterpeice, Sagrada Familia, which is classified as a Unesco world heritage site is incomplete. This huge iconic structure is predicted to be completed in 2026. The city was also known for its pickpocketers but we felt safe and couldnt see what all the fuss was about. ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris » Sarcelles June 20th 2013

Hey guys, paris blew my mind! Unbelieveble, xx... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris » Sarcelles June 7th 2013

After a good night’s rest I was ready to tackle our last few days in Europe head on. Before getting to Paris we stopped in Luxemburg. I has the lowest unemployment rate in Europe and according to a study the residence there are apparently the most happy as well. It was a lovely little town but unfortunately we were there on a Sunday so everything was closed. Krissy and I just spent our free time in a café on Wifi. I had very low expectations for Paris because everyone I talked to who has been has not liked it, and after all the rude people in Rome I was expecting the French to be the same way, only with a harsher accent. Despite Paris being dirty, VERY dirty, I really enjoyed the city. There was a ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris » Sarcelles June 5th 2013

And so we find ourselves again in Paris, this time for only a few days and with the end of our holiday rushing rapidly towards us. The Roland Garros tennis tournament is in full swing, there is a hint of spring in the air (although we are yet to experience a 20 degree day), and a noticeable increase in the number of tourists in the street compared with 2 weeks ago when we left Paris; summer "is a comin' in". For our base we have chosen a hotel just a little to the east of Place de Bastille – it is less than 10 minutes’ walk from Hans’ apartment in Petit Musc – and in doing so have moved arrondissements from the 4th (Marias) into the 11th(Bastille-Charonne). In a Sydney context this is like going from ... read more
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