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May 25th 2013
Published: May 25th 2013
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I got up and gathered my things, packed my bike and had a nice continental breakfast at the hotel and I was off on another day of my adventure around 9. I decided to take the back roads again because it is so much better riding and the weather was just cloudy and not supposed to rain. The day went pretty smooth nothing really significant. I mean there was a ton of cool stuff to see as I passed by some got pictures some didn’t. But it was just trees and hills mostly nice riding stayed cloudy all day.

Wait no something did happen that day. I was riding along having a good day and I had to flip the bike onto reserve, (3 times the whole trip I went to reserve) no big deal I can go for like 40 miles on that. So I did I went a good while looking for a gas station and nothing anywhere. That is the downside to taking back-roads there are very few fuel stations. So I went for about 20 miles and still hadn’t found a fuel station so I figured that I would find one on the motorway so I change my GPS to allow the motorway and I am off to find fuel. I drive for about another 10 miles that seems to last forever and still nothing, but I see a large village ahead so I pull off to investigate. I drive all over this town and finally find a gas station I was so relieved. But it needed a credit card with a chip and there is no attendant to pay so I am SOL on this gas station. I am getting worried at this point because I know I must be running on fumes by now and I need gas bad so I get back on the motorway and five miles later I find a gas station and filled up with 18 liters of gas. I my tank is just shy of 20 liters so I was getting pretty close on that one.

Finally I got to Paris (well just outside Pairs its called Orly) around 1600 to check-in to the hotel and the address I got from the website is apparently wrong because there is nothing at the place that my GPS says to go to. So I keep riding along and finally find it about two miles up the road. Pretty nice place good English speaking staff and I got the 4th floor, I can’t remember my training on what floor we should stay on but it sounds good so I take it. It was a pretty big room by European sizes so I had some moving space in there and since I was staying there for like four days it was nice.

I went out that night to a random restaurant I found while wondering around and the menu was in French of course so I had to figure it out and I did rather well I think. I ordered the canard which to me means duck and it was I don’t know why I feel that canard means duck but it does so whatever. It came and it was pretty big for a duck which was nice and it was crispy and still rare so it was pretty tasty. It came with fries, which I found odd but a lot of items in various countries I would find out come with fries. The French call them fries the British call them chips, the Germans call them frits, I prefer chips but whatever. Naturally I had a wine dono what it was but it was pretty good and went well with the duck. I also discovered something that is pretty cool on my phone if I open a map and then lose the internet connection the map is still saved so I can find myself and where I am going without wasting my data. I stopped at a pub on the way back to the hotel and got a few pints of some random beers I don't remember what ones but they weren't too bad. But that was the end of that day.


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