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Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne » Troyes April 24th 2022

Gabby crept ever closer to home as she head in the direction of Troyes. The plan drive towards the tunnel over Monday , Tuesday and arrive mid-day on Wednesday . As always in Gabby plans change at the spin of a coin. The place we stay may be more interesting than we first thought . Sometimes it is worse than we expected . So there is always the chance that we move on or stay longer depending on our moods, the weather and the inclination to get home to the British weather and normality . It is Easter Monday . And the world is fairly quiet . Very few lorries on the road . Perhaps today is treated as a Sunday and the lorries are not allowed to move unless their cargo is perishable . Our ... read more
How to get higher water down to a lower level
The village war memorial
Our peaceful night stop

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne » Troyes June 11th 2018

Après un petit orage cette nuit, nous nous voyons bien contents de quitter ce camping en connaissance de cause… pour plus loin… Il nous faudra être vigilants pour chaque étape de notre voyage… Des orages énormes éclatent en direction des endroits où nous comptons nous rendre… mais heureusement ce n’est pas pour demain et d’ici là les choses peuvent encore bien changer… Nous nous promettons donc de bien regarder si possible sur le net, si possible à la télévision… la météo du jour suivant, là où nous devons nous rendre. Je dis la télévision si possible car nos deux premiers campings se trouvent bien peuplés d’arbres… alors l’antenne satellite de Pollux ne capte rien… comme internet gratuit nous nous contentons de regarder Auvio… et d’avoir les nouvelles de chez nous… puis nous prenons la météo de ... read more
l'hôtel Dieu
très belle mairie... Les drapeaux sont déjà là pour la coupe du monde de foot...

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne » Troyes August 2nd 2017

It is with mixed emotions that we wake today. The excitement of driving to Paris and our final destination before we fly home. The sadness of dropping our car off at Orly Airport means our adventure is nearly at an end. We pack the car for the last time and prepare for one final look at Troyes. While checking out, the receptionist asks if we had seen the fire the other night. No we hadn’t, but smelt smoke in the morning. She told us a house and the Cathedral had been hit by lightning and had caught fire. We were quite shocked because we had been there that morning. The young woman at reception said it was sad because the Cathedral had undergone some restoration recently. We had to go and see for ourselves. We parked ... read more
En route to Paris

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne » Troyes August 1st 2017

What a night of thunderstorms, and it is still raining this morning. We open the window for some fresh air only to have a smoky smell waft in. Who would have a fire going on a warm, wet, sticky day like today? We’ll just shut the window and suffocate. Better to suffocate with fresh air than smoky air. The Seine looks decidedly dirty and flowing higher than the previous day. There must have been some rain overnight. The programme today might just work out. Breakfast, laundromat, sightseeing. That will fit the weather forecast of rain, drizzle, sun. Here’s hoping. With bags of dirty laundry we head off in light rain in search of a laundromat. We think we know where there is a car park close by. Sure enough we start to follow a sign, only ... read more

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne » Troyes July 31st 2017

Last night we had a few adventures before bedtime. We hope it is not a sign of what could happen during the rest of our stay. We decided to have a light meal in the city. For the first time on this trip we decided on a McDonald’s meal. Horrors you might say. By the end of the evening we wished we had chosen somewhere different. It started with a visit to a car park. The machine wouldn’t give us a ticket. We then realized it was free on Sunday nights. We purchased our meal and enjoyed the peaceful upstairs surroundings. The drinks were too much for us. Unbeknown to one team member the couch seat he was sitting on wasn’t as long as he thought. A delicate slide to the right with cup in hand ... read more

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne » Troyes July 29th 2016

Nous voici à nouveau route avec Pollux, direction Sud de la Bretagne… Nous prenons le temps d’y arriver tout en flânant par-ci, par-là… C’est ainsi que notre première étape fut Troyes, camping où nous nous étions déjà arrêtés lors de notre retour du Portugal et de l’Espagne alors qu’un terrible orage éclatait… Aujourd’hui, ce ne sont pas les magasins d’usines qui nous intéressent mais bien la ville de Troyes. Pont Sainte Marie s’y trouve à l’entrée, ce qui ne nous fera que deux kilomètres à pied pour y arriver, plus un bon gros km 200 pour arriver au centre-ville… Il fait beau, et même chaud… toute notre promenade est parsemée de curiosités... Quand il fait chaud il faut boire… dit-on ! on s’assied donc à une terrasse où comme des curieux on regarde les touristes passer… ... read more
02 Eglise de Braucourt au bord du Lac du Der
03 façade de village
04 Au Lac du Temple

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne » Troyes August 9th 2015

Our orbit on leaving Germany, took us through Luxembourg and back into France – specifically to Reims. I say to Reims, but actually just outside Reims. I say just outside Reims when I mean about 30 km away. Reims itself provides it’s own special problem. It is one of these confusing names that sounds nothing like the way it looks. To pronounce it, pinch the bridge of your nose, pull your fingers down blocking your nostrils and say “rence” very quickly. Your correspondent found this process far too complicated, so merely referred to it as “ the large city with the big cathedral about 30km away” – everyone knew where I meant. The latest campsite welcomed us warmly with villagers burning tyres in the road to prevent us getting there, but we made it through unscathed. ... read more
straight on to crepes and cidre
"scrapper" Cusco looks for next challenger
cooling down after the fight

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne » Troyes May 23rd 2013

We woke at a reasonable time this morning and were able to get ready and depart about 0830. We managed to load the car and get ready to go in the dry but as soon as we started it began to rain and the clouds were covering the surrounding volcanic summits. Some of them even had snow on the upper peaks still. We had easy access to the motorway from our overnight stay and soon made good progress north on the A71. As we drove away from Clermont-Ferrand the clouds cleared and we were soon in sunshine. However as we made further progress north we could see the clouds ahead that we were about to drive into. At junction 11 on the motorway we turned off towards Moulins only to find the N79 closed to all ... read more
Neal buying wine
Porsche leaving Chateau
Leaning houses in Troyes

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne » Troyes September 29th 2012

We are now heading home. Always a sad time. We have enjoyed our three weeks holiday and time has flown. Life in the motorhome has taken off differently. We wake later, eat breakfast at leisure and have got used to the slower pace of life. Driving between places takes longer than in a car and you get to see more of the countryside. Calais is three days away and we have divided our last few days into 6 hour daily drives. Our drive starts just after breakfast. After two hours or so we stop at one of the excellent aires, put the kettle on and enjoy tea, coffee and biscuits or cake before moving on again. After a further two hours we stop for lunch again in one of the aires. If you have never used ... read more
Near Beaune

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne » Troyes June 29th 2011

On Wednesday morning, we meet Erwan at his office in the village of Ville sur Arce. He shows us the process by which champagne is produced. The huge hall is empty now, but this is where the grape harvest will arrive, to be washed and placed in the pneumatic presses. The new facility has been designed so that gravity feeds the juice to tanks beneath the presses, to minimise the use of electricity for pumps. The tank room is like the engine compartment of a vast ship, all gleaming stainless steel and wire walkways. We see how the wine is riddled: residue is frozen in the neck of the bottle and removed in a lump of ice. We taste a selection of vintages before a lunch of local artichokes and trout at a nearby hotel. Fortified, ... read more
La place Gordaine

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