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Europe » France » Centre » Chartres June 8th 2014

Bob had very carefully chosen our route from Le Crotoy to Chartres taking special care in working out how to get across the Seine river which is never terribly straightforward. Rouen is the obvious route across but we hate Rouen, for a couple of reasons after problems there on previous trips, so do our very best to avoid it. Today’s route was absolutely excellent. The weather was drop dead blue sky gorgeous, the roads almost empty of traffic being a Sunday on a holiday weekend. The Tandy was in excellent spirits and so were we after a good long and obviously much needed sleep. Our route took us almost due south, edging quite close to Paris and nowhere near to Rouen crossing the Seine at Mantes la Jolie. A route we’ve not been before and there ... read more
Lots of lovely little villages to drive through
Tree dappled country road
Mantes la Jolie

Europe » France » Centre » Chartres May 2nd 2013

A lie in – well until 7.30am, the plan was to have a day off and a long lie in and were wide awake at silly o’clock. Needless to say Woolly slept and lazed the whole day away. Although a small site, Camping des Illettes is basic but has everything you need (well except Wifi), and at 24 Euro (approximately £20.10 GBP) for two nights it was good value for money, Motorhomes would only have to pay an extra 2.50 Euro a night for hook up so a good deal for all. Woolly says – I was conserving my energy, after Jo had cooked a big breakfast for all of us I found a nice comfy chair to sit in the sun and watch them do all the clothes washing, empty Oliver out and resort his ... read more
Regimented Trees on the way to the Palace
Is that it!!!!

Europe » France » Centre » Chartres August 3rd 2012

We are moving north and, as we could not stay at Alouettes any longer because it was full, we set off for a site at Sainte Maure de Touraine just south of Tours. No major setbacks for over a week and we are starting to regain some confidence in caravanning. 200 metres and Terry noticed that the indicators were not working on the caravan. A quick check by the roadside showed that nothing was working on the caravan. We could find nothing wrong so pulled into a garage hoping they may be able to look at it. Unfortunately, they were closed until 2.00pm! It was 12.30pm, so we decided not to wait, which was good really, as we later remembered it was Sunday. We drove in silence the 130 miles as we were both sick that ... read more
Izay le Rideau Chateau
Sunflowers of course
Chartres Cathederal

Europe » France » Centre » Chartres July 19th 2012

Am Mittwoch Mittag bin ich dann tatsächlich losgefahren. Die Nacht zuvor habe ich am Waldrand auf einem Plätzchen mit noch ein paar andern Büslis übernachtet, da mein luxuriöses Campingplätzchen per diese Nacht anderweitig vergeben wurde. Nun war es Zeit, nach Hause zu fahren. Die Fahrt war sehr angenehm und einen Autostöpler habe ich schlussendlich nicht mitgenommen, obwohl das wahrscheinlich lustig gewesen wäre...! In der Nähe bei Chartres suchte ich einen Campingplatz und hatte nur noch 4 Euro im Portemonnaie; dies reichte natürlich nicht und da ich keine Lust hatte, einen Bancomat zu suchen, kam mir der Gedanke, wieder mal frei zu übernachten. Als ich nichts Passendes fand, fuhr ich schliesslich zum zweiten Camping und auf der Fahrt dorthin passierte ich einen ganz hübschen Weiler mit sehr grossen Kornfeldern. Ich fühlte mich gleich wohl und beschloss, dort ... read more
Meine Begleiter - Strassen
Duschplatz bei Chartres

Europe » France » Centre » Chartres June 12th 2012

As we drove to Chartres the little town of Provins was still on our minds. The wonderful walk which took us down narrow medieval lanes, past Jewish merchants houses and the lovely french square. Tree lined, the sun shining it was such a lovely place. Roses were everywhere, in the gardens, rose essence in the shops, rose scented tea, rose flavoured cakes. The damask rose was brought to the town and had become its emblem. Chartres on the other hand was going to be very different. We parked up at the nearest site to the city advertised as being within walking distance. We have learned through experience not to believe everything you read about sites. Walking distance can mean so many things to different people. What is walking distance for one person is too far for ... read more
Between Chartres and Jumiege

Europe » France » Centre » Chartres June 2nd 2012

Ok so after the month of May, one of the most amazing of my life, I was expecting to leave Cloud 9. In reality I stayed up in the cosmos and the next weekend I spent way from Paris was in Chartres. Famous for its cathedral I went there with a good friend I had made in Paris from Mayotte a French territory located in the Northern Mozambique channel in the Indian ocean. She was perhaps the most patient and kind of all the French speaking people I met in terms of helping me develop my French whilst there. An English teacher in France, we never once spoke English, aside from when a friend came over from London. The progress I made in French was in large part due to her patience. Anyway, we spent the ... read more

Europe » France » Centre » Chartres September 10th 2011

Cathedral and Chartres So this Saturday, we went to a quaint, just-outside-of-Paris town called Chartres, where there is also a huge, ancient cathedral. There are lots of those in France... I have to say my favorite thing about this town was the tea salon where we ate lunch. I found the cutest sea-foam-green tea cup, that I swear I should've tried to buy from the women who worked there. Coffee drinks were astronomically cheaper, being outside of the city. There were lots of gift/garden type stores, and an outdoor market. (Btw, I apologize for being two weeks late on this...I had some computer problems, but everything's worked out!)... read more
Chartres Stain Glass Window

Europe » France » Centre » Chartres August 24th 2011

Today we visited Chartres, a city about 20 kilometres from where we are staying. Our hotel is in Illiers-Combray a small rural town that has become quite famous thanks to the writings of the French essayist, Marcel Proust. The town, Illiers, was the setting for the town Combray in Proust’s book “À la recherche du temps perdu” (Remembrance of Things Past) and so the locals added Combray to the name Illiers, so we have the name Illiers-Combray. Our drive into Chartres took us to the town centre and we disappeared underground into an enormous car park that seemed to run the length of the boulevard above and two levels deep. Emerging into the square, it was quite enjoyable to sit and be entertained by two children frolicking in the fountain sculpture while we indulged in pastries. ... read more
Pilgrims' route
Some of the cathedral's wonderful windows
Chartres Cathedral

Europe » France » Centre » Chartres December 1st 2009

I was only about 40 kilometers from my destination. After hours in Parisian traffic, I finally broke loose on a wet and darkening day. Though I'd intended to take the smaller, country roads, when I saw the freeway in my direction I tightened up my ropes and bit my lip. I filled up my tank at the mid-sized town of Chartres around 4:30pm, and the wind was picking up. Filling up with my luggage isn't easy. All my things are tied together on top of the seat, and on a Vespa the gas tank is underneath the seat. That means I must balance the bike, while lifting the 80lbs of luggage, WHILE using the fuel pump. I'm pretty good at it now, but it took some practice. I still prefer to fill up prior to adding ... read more

Europe » France » Centre » Chartres September 8th 2009

The trip home was a much more moderate affair with speed limits observed. Patrick took some time to show me a couple of sites on the return journey. We stopped off at Chateaudun to look at this impressive building and surrounding town. The photos are more expansive than I can be. Next stop was Chartres where there seemed to be a festival on in the streets. The cathedral was in a paved pedestrian zone and backed on to the Seine. The buildings themselves absolutely reeking of history. Grounds are manicured with beautiful garden beds and well tended gravel pathways. Inside the church people mill about talking in hushed tones. The stained glass windows are very impressive. They cover an enormous expanse and seem to have a lot of details contained in them. I am told that ... read more
Gateway Chateaudun
Chateaudun courtyard
Chateaudun detail

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