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Europe » France » Centre » Bourges June 19th 2018

This posting will cover four days as we have taken some chillaxing time as we picked a rural property to stay at with a pool. 16th. The trip from Beaunes was great for me as finally I have got Rose into the driver seat. We started out from Beaunes to Châteauneuf-en-Auxois, but we had to stop when we found a lock in the middle of nowhere. Châteauneuf-en-Auxois is one of those fantastic little towns with so much to see, the website unfortunately didn't indicate that they shut for lunch so we missed a tour of the Chateau, but we found a new house to buy (see Photos). Once back on the A road we stopped at a rest stop for Rose to take the reins. We spent the next two hours on C and D roads ... read more

Europe » France » Centre » Bourges October 5th 2016

eDay 10: What happened to day 7 8 and 9? You may ask! Well I was busy sightseeing and taking photographs and drinking beer and eating food. Also driving between places in Italy and France. The WIFI in some of the places meant it was impossible to access this blog app. Anyway the last post saw me at Mulhouse motor museum on Day 6 so: The following Day (Day 7) I took the toll roads and tunnels through The eastern borders of France to Switzerland and then to Italy via the mountain routes. The tolls in Switzerland are paid in one block at the entry checkpoint where you are required to purchase a "vignette" cost of 40Euros thank you very much. The roads in Swtizerland though are amazing constructions. The vast tunnels and smooth carriageways are ... read more

Europe » France » Centre » Bourges June 21st 2016

Mostly, this was a day of getting from one place to another. It was prolonged because a major highway was closed, we think due to flooding or flood damage. This caused us to take another route that added 100 km to our trip. But we try to never have a day without doing something of interest, so today we stopped by the little town of Annecy, France. It has canals and a river runs through it, and is picturesque enough that it has been said to be one of the prettiest small towns in France. We wandered the streets, looked into the old chateau, and then Dean and Chuck and I stopped at a local brasserie and had cappuccino and waffles, while the ladies went shopping. We then drove on into Bourges, which we did not ... read more
Cheeses for sale in market - Annecy
Narrow street, Annecy

Europe » France » Centre » Bourges June 6th 2015

Saturday 6 June 2015 Four years ago we stayed with a wonderful French lady, a family acquaintance, in Poitiers. At the time we did not know too much about the area. She was adamant that if we ever returned to France then we had to visit Bourges. Today we are fulfilling that request. We have had some very hot days lately but the forecast is for cooler weather, about 25. So we set out to drive the 116 kilometres that Polly had plotted. This will take about two hours. We still haven't got use to the Northern Hemisphere directions. The sun is in the South and when you think you are driving West you are actually driving East. So it is the back country roads to start and then we join the 90 kph roads. Being ... read more

Europe » France » Centre » Bourges October 8th 2009

Geo: 47.0829, 2.39658We were all out the door with our luggage by 8:15 this morning to meet our Flemish driver, Jean (who somewhere along the route got a call from his daughter telling him he's going to be an Opa next year), for the journey to Guedelon and then Bourges.Except for 15 minutes at a rest area (which was a helluva lot nicer than any rest area I've ever seen in the U.S.), our first stop was at Guédelon to see a 13th century castle being built. When I saw this bit on the itinerary, I thought, "Meh." But it wound up being absolutely fascinating. Some rich French guy who "collects" castles thought it would be fun to actually build one, and to build it in exactly the same manner, method and style they would have ... read more
Chocolate eclair
In Bourges

Europe » France » Centre » Bourges November 12th 2008

13 hour meals, aperitifs with a monk, helping the baker get bread hot from the oven at 6am, scrambling around in the ruins of a 13th century chateau, a private tour of a 12th century monastery, the following are my experiences of the “France Profonde”. As November 11th is a national Holiday in France, and I don’t have classes on Mondays or Wednesdays, Guillaume invited me to spend a long weekend out at his family’s farm in the Centre region of France. We met his cousin, aunt and uncle at their house in the suburbs of Paris and from there drove 2-3 hours south, past the small town of Vendome, past the small village of Montoire, and into the France profonde. We pulled up to Helene and Stephan's house, Helene being the younger sister of Guillaume's ... read more
La ferme
La famille!
C'est vache!

Europe » France » Centre » Bourges September 22nd 2008

Today's journey takes us through the very centre of France. First we stop in Bourges, to see the Palais Jacques Coeur, the Cathedral of St. Stephen and the delightful Archbishop's gardens. Then into the very centre of the 'hexagon', as the French often call their homeland, to stop at the village of St. Amand Montrond. We continue via the volcanic hills around Clermont Ferrand and on to Lyon - a gourmet's paradise on the rivers Rhone and Saône. A walking tour of the old city - a UNESCO World Heritage site, reveals the city's rich and cultural past. It is the largest Renaissance district in France with its narrow streets, inner courtyards and "traboules". We will also drive up the Fourvière hill to admire awe-inspiring views over the city. Then on to our hotel for dinner ... read more
Bishops Garden 1
Bishops Garden 2
Virgin Mary Statue In Lyon

Europe » France » Centre » Bourges July 13th 2008

Cannes - France Cannes France is a picturesque city located on French Riviera. Well known for the Cannes Film Festival that takes place each May, Cannes is also a very popular tourist destination in Europe It offers visitors great weather, many interesting tourist attractions, museums and some beautiful Mediterranean beaches. ... read more

Europe » France » Centre » Bourges April 19th 2008

Hi Everyone I have been so busy and have forgotten to keep updating my blog! I have yet another strike today at school so I figured now was the perfect opportunity to write about the Printemps de Bourges. Printemps de Bourges is a huge music festival that has been running in Bourges (right in the centre of France an hour south-east of where I live) for over 30 years. It is an annually run festival and it goes for a week in April. I was lucky enough to go with some American friends and we have the most amazing time. The city is taken over with bands, acts, singers, dancers and just general rowdiness! We had so much fun going out during the day and just looking at different performances and the likes on the side ... read more
At the Cathedral
The Cathedral
More musicians in cafes

Europe » France » Centre » Bourges May 18th 2007

school trip to Paris  Europe » France » Centre » Bourges By paris and robMay 18th 2007paris and rob:)... read more

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