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Europe » France » Centre » Beaugency October 7th 2015

Our time on holiday is coming to an end sadly. The weather is still holding out but the mornings are feeling a slight more chillier. The evenings are getting darker by the day. Neither of us is looking forward to going home as all of a sudden we seem to be finding a good deal of things to do. Having said that we have already rung the Chunnel to rebook our return journey. We have paid a further £16 to move the booking from Wednesday next week to the same time but on the Tuesday. The choice is trying to find things to do and pay another nights fee on a campsite and we feel that the £16 is well worth spent. We had planned to stop on a camperstop we had identified in the Camperstop ... read more
Romanesque church
pretty stained glass

Europe » France » Centre » Beaugency September 20th 2013

We have been to Chenonceau Chateau once before but we remembered it as a lovely chateau to visit to decided to make it our stopping spot on the drive to Beaugency today. It took us a couple of hours to get there but there is a carpark area dedicated to campervans so no problem parking. It was pretty busy as this is one of the most popular French tourist spots. The gardens are lovely, beautifully planted in both main areas. I had rather expected one garden to be in Autumnal colours but both were in pastel shades. We walked round both gardens and then toured the chateau along with quite a lot of other tourists. I have included several photos of the floral arrangements, especially for Lynne as I hope they will give her inspiration. We ... read more
Chenonceau Chateau
Chenonceau Chateau - see what a lovely day it is
Just one of the many chateaus we pass as we drive through the Loire valley

Europe » France » Centre » Beaugency July 7th 2013

We all met after breakfast at the Le Parc Hotel for a debrief on the cycle tour. The cycling part of the tour (other than the admin, which is Hooked on Cycling) is run by GiroLibero. There would be about 30 people starting today of which 10 are Kiwis (our group). Those of us who have hired bikes have orange 28 gear bikes with a pannier each and a place to read the map on a water proof board between the handle bars. We are suppied with clear step by step directions, white on black arrows on poles or other suitable places, an overall map of the route and a book on chateaus of the Loire Valley. Todays ride was only 30kms so we could take our time and get used to the bikes and the ... read more
Meung-Sur-Loire Castle
Linds having a go at archery

Europe » France » Centre » Beaugency September 23rd 2012

We left the campsite bright and early as nothing to keep us there. Mme Campsite Owner, who after careful consideration, I have renamed Mme. Nasty Knickers, ignored me when I got out of the Tandy at the site entrance to put our rubbish in the bin so I reciprocated as couldn't think of anyhing I wanted to say to her. Customer first is what I was taught but she must have trained at a different company. Less than 5 miles into the trip and we hit, or nearly anyway, our first obstacle. A tree right across and blocking the road. In fact the tree was so neatly down it was almost wedged, top and bottom at either side. We were, and still are, puzzled as to how it came to fall and land so neatly. ... read more
Today's countryside was flat
Bourges Cathedral. Beautifully carved front.
Gorgeous stained glass windows in Bourges cathedral

Europe » France » Centre » Beaugency June 20th 2011

Annoying start to the day when I was charged €2.15 for a baguette and a croissant by the campsite. Never, ever paid more than €2 before for this order as a standard baguette is €0.85. Naughty campsite. Also not good that they have no grey waste disposal on site and informed us we would find a motorhome service point in every village where could pay €1.50 to use that. Cheeky. Slowly working our way up to Calais. Taking it easy and spreading the drive over several days and not using motorways and especially toll roads. Clarissa Tomtom has expressly been forbidden to use peages. Bob tries hard to find us new routes each time to get up and down the country but getting harder now as we have travelled France quite widely. Sometimes we drive through ... read more
Ready for harvest
Across the Loire at Beaugency

Europe » France » Centre » Beaugency August 26th 2010

Plan B. Early in the trip I know but suddenly realised that Bob had planned in a two-night stop in Chartres and we had already spent a full day there in 2003. So we decided not to repeat ourselves and to head for Beaugency, on the banks of the Loire, instead. We often stop here. There is a free aire and it is a great overnight stop as we can walk up into the town or along the river, knowing that the Tandy is reasonably secure, as the aire is always busy, lots of people about. We took the toll road down and round Paris, waved to the Eiffel Tower on the way past and then once clear of Paris, took a much quieter road through the countryside and down to Orleans. Been this way several ... read more
Motorhome aire at Beaugency
Bridge over the Loire
Me - posing and trying to look floral

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