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Europe » France » Burgundy » Beaune October 1st 2019

We woke to a dull, wet morning. The manager of the apartment was to meet us at 10 AM to return our 200E security deposit. As I mentioned before, it was very difficult communicating with her as she spoke next to no English and we next to no French. She did not appear by 10 and we were getting worried because we had to travel by Metro to the train station to travel to Beaune. After a bumbling phone call, which we hoped she understood that we were waiting for her,she arrived. She was all hunched over wearing a scarf around her head. She looked very different than the woman we had met on Friday. She handed us the money and we tried to find out what had happened to her. We discerned from gestures and ... read more
Burgundy Soil

Europe » France » Burgundy September 8th 2019

Nous y voici... aujourd'hui sera une promenade découverte suggérée par Régine G. Une pure merveille... Comment ne sommes-nous jamais passés par ici... Ce sera chose faite... Découvrez avec nous ces merveilleux endroits. Nous n'en ferons que 3 car ils forment tout un circuit par lequel nous ne passerons pas forcément... Une des originalités du Finistère : Les enclos paroissiaux constituent un ensemble architectural unique en France, composé d’une église, d’un mur d’enceinte (d’où son nom), d’un portail monumental ou arc de triomphe, d’un calvaire et d’un ossuaire.La majeure partie des enclos paroissiaux de Bretagne est située dans le nord et le centre-Finistère.... read more
sur la route
001 2
Saint Thégonnec

Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon August 28th 2019

Had an easy exit out of Lyon as it was Saturday morning...3hrs after stopping off in a small village for a quick bite....baguette of course...they are so yummy! That is something the French do very well...bread meaning baguettes or French sticks. Dijon very nice town and our Hotel Wilson was right on the perimeter of the old town....Hotel Wilson is a very old stone hotel...done up nicely...but no air con had to do with a has been so the 30s most of the time. Of course set off walking to see all the sites...there is a huge plaza in the middle of the old of several in Dijon....the plaza was a great spot for happy hour and people watching and watching kids play in the fountains as it was so hot! Our first ... read more

Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon August 22nd 2019

.It’s 8.57am and no one is in a hurry here. Dijon Market, circa 1873, was inspired by the Paris Market and still operates from the same shed. This will be our breakfast venue when we get going. Hopefully within the next 30 minutes; I may be too optimistic. Well, we left at 10 but were soon on the tram to the Market, where we bought some cheese and salads for dinner, and some fresh local yoghurt for breakfast. This was eaten on a bench in the walkway separating a row of shops and the Notre-Dame Cathedral. A constant procession of tourists, locals hurrying past, and a conga line of very young children in costume being led by a teacher in a fairy outfit kept my attention, and after a coffee nearby, we followed the Owl Trail ... read more
A Typical Street In Dijon
Interesting Folly Suspended In A Courtyard Archway
Dijon Market

Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon August 21st 2019

We had a genuine sleep in today. We had packed the night before, had a taxi booked for 10am, so there was time to kill. Breakfast was coffee and croissants at the Friends Cafe nearby, and we were on our way to Gare de Lyon . The trip through mid morning Parisian traffic is a nightmare and the 16€50 for the taxi was worth the cost. There are roadworks and detours everywhere and I wasn’t interested in trying to negotiate the public transport system . Gare de Lyon is a regal stone building perched above the Marais District and one of the best restaurants in Paris is at the station. I had read about it in a Melbourne newspaper and wanted to see it when we were leaving for Dijon. It is like a trip back ... read more
Gare de Lyon Railway Station
The Station
French bees love French Pastries

Europe » France » Burgundy » Macon September 22nd 2018

We travelled to Mâcon to meet a group of friends and to pick up Penichettes at the Locaboat base in Mâcon. We were to be sailing along the Saône, Seille and the Canal du Centre to reach Saint-Léger-sur-Dheune in a week. Those joining this cruising party came here from many places and they will move on to many others after this week. Most of them have a connection with the Northern Territory in Australia and, every couple of years or so, we find a reason to gather on a body of water and float about. Some still live in the NT. Some still work for a living. We are all becoming older though and fewer are employed every year. Enough about us and on to Macon, the starting point for this journey. Mâcon is a city ... read more
Another bridge over the Saone
Slice of Macon with two towers (Cathedrale St Vincent de Macon)
Another slice of Macon with two other towers (Eglise St Pierre)

Europe » France » Burgundy » Chagny September 22nd 2018

The waterways of France are important and interesting but above all they are very attractive. We considered a few options for our week on the waterways. Reports about the Midi Canal that connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic made it seem a little too busy for our purposes. The Burgundy Canal was also an option. We were looking for something reasonably quiet in terms of boat traffic but with access to interesting villages and places where lovely food and wine might be found. Of course, being France, any would have done well on the last criterion but we settled on picking up boats at Mâcon and cruising on a route that would include the Saône and Seille Rivers and the Canal du Centre and bring us into Saint-Léger-sur-Dhuene, within a reasonable distance by train from ... read more
Queue for the lock. Ended up with two "sessions", two boats and then three boats. Took an hour.
So how does this lock work? Luckily not all the boats were crewed by first-timers.
Clear direction. Good signage left no doubt about which branch of water to take.

Europe » France » Burgundy September 22nd 2018

Cruising the waterways of France is not just about the villages you visit. At the slow speed of a boat you have time to view and ponder the way the country is being farmed and managed, to check out the local wildlife and to observe, up close, the range of activities that occur on, or on the banks of, the waterway. In France, to make it easier for you to see the landscape they have canals - or at least one canal - that sits nice and high and from which you often have a good view of the surrounding countryside. The two rivers we travelled along were also pretty good in this respect, unlike some in other parts of the world that have high banks and low water, thus providing just occasional glimpses of the ... read more
Coming into the mooring at St-Léger-sur-Dheune
Fishing net on the Seille. The closed frames look a bit like Hills Hoists.
Fishing Net 2.

Europe » France » Burgundy » Nevers August 31st 2018

A Saint Galmier, le camping n'était pas au top... un accueil très bon et aimable... autour de nous des voisins un peu gênants... la dame de droite allumait cigarette sur cigarette et le vent soufflait direction Pollux... mais bon, elle était dehors, nous ne pouvions rien dire... Nous avons fait le plein d'eau et horreur : Badoit est à côté mais l'eau qui coule maintenant dans Pollux a un goût terrible d'eau de javel... Bref, nous étions contents de reprendre la route après avoir vidé entièrement le réservoir d'eau et une bonne nuit de repos malgré tout ! Heureusement ces choses là sont très rares... Comme chaque jour avant midi nous allons à la recherche de notre baguette du jour... (le matin nous nous gâtons de croissants... fournis par les campings...) . Et lorsque le nom ... read more
son château
l'affiche parle toute seule
une route qui parle d'elle-même

Europe » France » Burgundy » Nevers August 30th 2018

Au tour d'une autre famille aujourd'hui : Noëlle et Robert nous accueillent... MERCI à eux encore une fois... Sarrians se trouve en Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur... Ce n'est pas la première fois que Pollux vient chez eux.. Nous l'avions posé dans le jardin il y a deux ans... Mais... aujourd'hui... les branches des arbres ont poussées... Pollux est trop haut pour passer par là... Heureusement ils ont des voisins charmants qui nous permettent de le garer chez eux... et heureusement que nous venons de passer, car une collection de moutons viennent d'arriver dans un camion et ont été débarqués pour qu'ils puissent aller pêtre un peu plus loin... J'aime ce petit spectacle... cela me rappelle quelque chose... La Patagonie bien entendu... mais nous n'y sommes pas ! espérons que le lien de youtube fonctionne :)... https://www.youtu... read more
de très beaux béliers...
photo de famille
on s'en va, on retrouve des giratoires amusants

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