Wet day on the campsite in Carantec.

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September 6th 2010
Published: September 6th 2010
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Superb poolSuperb poolSuperb pool

at our campsite Les Mouettes at Carantec
Grey when we woke and by 10am it was raining hard. Went up to the bar area with the laptop (there is free wifi but only in the bar area unfortunately) and checked I had good signal. Arranged to Skype Jenny at 11am but by then the rain was thundering down and making an awful lot of noise. Skype reported it was getting a lot of background noise and Jenny and I could barely hear nor see each other because of the interference so we cut the call short.
Bob had to dry the bed as it rained in before he had chance to shut the roof light. We spent the morning shut in the motorhome waiting for the rain to stop. At least I have now managed to finish the hooded cardigan for my soon to be grandson which I started knitting at the beginning of the Scandinavian trip! Only needs a press and some buttons and it will be ready to go with me to Melbourne, just 2½ weeks from today.
Also been contemplating the bizarre rash, which appeared on my back yesterday afternoon. At first thought it was some insect bites or perhaps a heat rash but it
The bay just by our campsiteThe bay just by our campsiteThe bay just by our campsite

Not for swimming but looks quite pretty
doesn’t respond to antihistamine so neither of those.
Am forced to the conclusion I have caught something. Not decided yet what it is but I wish it would go as quickly as it came. Am assured it is not shingles by Bob and sister Liz but keeping well away from pregnant women just in case.
By late afternoon the rain had stopped, sun was out and the sky was once again blue, mostly anyway, despite weather forecasts of 100% rain for the day.
Into the indoor pool (30 degrees) for a good swim then a couple of lengths of the outdoor one for good measure. Confident there is enough disinfectant in all that water to kill any germs I may be carrying around in my rash and it does make it feel much better !
Takeaway pizza for dinner as having a bit of a problem with the freezer and want to keep the door shut for 24 hours. Not sure what is happening but when we are hooked up on electric it has not been working properly these last few nights. OK on gas but that ran out in the night and had to wait for morning for a cylinder change. Will need checking out when we get home.


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