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September 22nd 2008
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We had a fairly tourist-filled weekend on our trip to northern France. Our bus left Paris at 7am and we headed out to Saint Malo, a city about 4 hours west of Paris. The drive was beautiful, the hills were so green and all the houses were old stone cottages. Upon arriving in Saint Melo, we headed down to walk in the water which was surprisingly blue. It reminded me of water I would see in southern France, rather than in northern France. I didn't have to avoid any barnacles or seaweed, although the limpets were treacherous. It felt so good to be near water again.
The streets here were filled with ice cream, crepes, cute french babies, and beautiful architecture. I've already been named the "baby stealer" on this trip, but I can't help it, they are too cute! Dani and I sat at a cafe and enjoyed people watching for an hour or so. Like I mentioned before, the architecture throughout France is incredible. It's so different from the states, where there isn't much history to each building. It's been fun to learn from our guide, who is an architecture major, about the different styles and time periods of certain buildings and houses.
The hotel we stayed in was comical. Perhaps as a "treat" we were served an American meal of french fries, chicken, and corn salad. Unfortunately, it was the worst meal I've had so far. The bed had built-in pillows, but it was all free, so can't complain too much! We woke up early, bypassed the sheep checkpoint and headed out to Mont Saint- Michel on Sunday morning. We had sunny weather so the views were incredible. Hope my pictures give some idea of the structure.
It was great to see another part of France over the weekend. Back in Paris today, we got to see our school for the first time, which is beautiful. There is a courtyard and garden in the middle and the building is completely enclosed. By metro it is about ten minutes from my apartment and to walk it would probably take about 30 minutes. We take an oral test on Wednesday to finalize our placement and then we receive our class schedules. The classes here are three hours each, once a week.
So as I have found out, cuisine is tres important in France. So be jealous of what I've eaten so far. The list includes, an (egg, tuna, olive, tomato crepe), a nutella crepe, a croque monsieur, pesto salmon, pistachio/cafe gelato, an eclair, peach flavored wine, and a variety of tasty sandwiches. I love how long the meals. It seems all we do here is walk and eat.
If anyone has an suggestions on places to see please let me know!

Love you all!

Ps- even the cows here are pretty!
Pps- some of the pictures are from le Cimetiere du Pere-Lachaise

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so trueso true
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for you Lena

Brought in by helicopter

22nd September 2008

Off to Normandy
I had to look up Normandy, Mont St Michel and St Malo on-line. I like the map feature on the blog, too. Do you learn the history of each site? Lovely photos; thanks for ours! Maman
23rd September 2008

Tray Bone
You got France in yo pants! I love your pictures, Kaitlin. The row of wine bottles, the cathedrals, the butter... beautiful. Keep walking the walk and parlaying your parlay. tap tap tap ps- steal a baby and see what happens.
23rd September 2008

History eh?
We do learn some of the history, but the man is speaking in super fast French so I'm lucky to catch a date or the word "war" :) Mont Saint Michel was originally built as a sanctuary, which soon became a major focus of pilgrimage. Eventually a village grew around the abbey and it was a stronghold during the Hundred Years War. It was then used as a prison until 1863. Then in 1874 it became an historical monument that is now open to the public. The people of the Middle Ages regarded it as a representation of the heavenly Jerusalem on earth, an image of paradise.
25th September 2008

I´m glad to see that you enjoy my country!!
Suggestion: The Castle of Versaille, take the RER C, and spend the day visiting the park and the castle,go there very early though. Have fun

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