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August 29th 2011
Published: August 29th 2011
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Hey everyone,

So to you all back in the states, Sundays might mean church, watching football, or doing that week's grocery shopping/errands, but here in France it is very different. Sunday is still the day for church for those who practice, but it could also mean sleeping in for others. I decided to sleep in this week, but will be mostly likely church shopping next week with Abbey. It was my first day free of any obligations to my school program, so it was nice to relax a little.

At 11 we left the house to drive to Laurent's mom's house because it was her birthday on Wednesday, so they were having a big family meal on Sunday. It was a lovely countryside drive, only about an hour away. We arrived at an adorable house with a huge front and back yard. The front and side yards were all flowers and the backyard was a little farm filled with fresh vegetables and many fruit trees. It was so lovely eating all that fresh food from their yard.

Sunday meals are quite long, so we started our dejeuner at around 11:30. There were fresh cherry tomatoes, bits of cheese, and "pigs in a blanket" (but much better--made from scratch). We had some champagne, nibbled on the snacks and started conversing. Then we had an appetizer plate of salmon, two pieces of fish bread (I don't know quite how to describe it but it was delicious), and lettuce and tomato. More wine was had and then the main course arrived. It was steak fresh from the grill, potatoes, mushrooms, green beans and bread. Red wine was served with this course and everything was so magnificent. Then it was time for salad and of course more wine. Then five different types of cheese with more bread and more wine. Then it was dessert which was apple pie (my first slice ever) and vanilla ice cream. Champagne from Champagne, France was served with dessert. Then it was time for coffee (so good!). Then we finished off the wine while eating macaroons.

Yes, that is a lot of food, but the meal lasted 4 hours. So there was time between each course and a lot of conversation had. I mostly listened, but I was asked about some things in America, so I talked a little bit to explain how our summers/vacations compared to theirs. I was stuffed, but everything was so good, so no complaints could be had.

On our way back home we stopped at Monteneuf which is only a couple of miles from Danielle and Louis' house. It's a pre-historic site that has a house that's 5,500 years old, and rock formations that are even older. It was so astounding to be somewhere that had such a rich history. That's what is so great about being here because yes, America has a long history, but Europe has an even older history and it's so lovely to discover and learn more about it.

We then made our way home and I was surprised I didn't fall asleep in the car. When we got home though we all rested for a bit. Later that night, Cecile's niece, Charlotte arrived and some neighbors came over. So some snacks were eaten and more wine was consumed (though I stuck with sparkling apple juice which was delicious). More conversation was had, this one was filled with much more laughter and joking around. Then we made some pizzas--I tried the one that was ham and black olives and it was quite good. Then I decided to call it quits since I had class today. Overall though it was a lovely day. Sundays are meant for family time and rest and relaxation. It was all of those things and more. It was a great first weekend here in Rennes and here in France and I'm excited to enjoy many more like this.


29th August 2011

So, it sounds like we could learn a lot about Sabbath from this family with whom you are staying. Good stuff, baby girl.

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