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Europe » France » Brittany » Pont-Aven October 11th 2015

Pont Aven Brittany 11thOct. How come artists pick pretty locations to practise their craft. A certain M Paul Gaugin pained here. When he saw some women doing the washing he did a picture and called it “les lavandieres a Pont Aven “ When I came to the same place there was no washer woman – only the flowing water if I want to DIY. The town guards its reputation as an artistic enclave with galleries aplenty. Since M Gaugin flexed his bristles here the area has become a natural magnet for artists like Emile Bernard. One who might not come to mind so easily was poet Xavier Grall. We strolled along the florally decorated promenade named after Grall. Definitely a place to be seen in these parts. Old wooden boats are somehow drawn to some magnetic ... read more
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Europe » France » Brittany » Pont-Aven November 1st 2011

So holy moly. It's November already and I have not posted a blog in forever, so I think I'll write a couple of them to make up for it. So the second weekend in October our program had another weekend excursion, this time to Cornouaille which was an absolutely beautiful region. Once again it was great to spend time with everyone in the program on our bus rides, but also while galavanting around western France :) We went to Pont-Aven which is a picturesque tiny town which is actually famous because so many painters spend time there to take in all the lovely scenery and let it inspire their artwork. Then we went to Quimper which had a gorgeous cathedral. We had a tour of the city and learned all about the rich history of that ... read more

Europe » France » Brittany » Pont-Aven July 24th 2011

After Adele's we headed up into the Brittany region to a small town called Pont-Aven. We were supposed to stay here for about two weeks but only ended up staying about a week as there wasn't much there to do. I wasn't looking foward that much to staying in Pont-Aven as the house mum had chosen to stay in had a straw roof or thatched rooves as they are called. But the house actually wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. It seemed a very arty town as almost every second shop was an art shop selling all sorts of paintings. The weather wasn't to good there either and it rained almost every day we were there. We didn't do much while staying there apart from visiting a few towns and watching the Tour ... read more

Europe » France » Brittany » Pont-Aven July 21st 2011

Pont Aven is an attractive town of artists. It was the home of Gauguin and a lot of his paintings are of the area. The town is now full of art studios – and tourists. It has a pretty little harbour and river with water wheels. A lot of the houses are white plaster with large grey stone window and door surrounds, and a few thatched roof houses like the one we’re staying in. (Ours is a bit more modern and up to date on the inside thankfully) The weather has not been the best for us, but I like to think it’s acclimatising us for home. We suspected it may be a bit wet here, as were warned by Adeles family, saw how green if was here, and every second stall at the market was ... read more
even our car matches
Pont Aven port
In the old village of Concarneau

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