Let's upset the Mammoth and CLOSE everything - AGAIN!

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May 6th 2013
Published: May 6th 2013
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It’s a great job taking the tent down when it’s soaked!!!! We must have slept through the rain but woke to find we might be snug and dry but outside, although warm and very sunny, it was pretty wet. Having got everything away we headed off to Pouance to view the Castle.

Woolly says – Another Castle, my life is so sweet, Prince Woolly rides again. A quick dash into Super U to restock the vital supplies (wine, beer, cider and bread!) and we followed the back roads through glorious sunshine. With the music playing and Jo and Ian telling me every time there is a field of cows – no idea why! We made good time and arrived with eyes peeled for signs. Pulling in through the castle gates (No way would Georgie have got in here) the sun was blazing and all was well with my worl…. except it was CLOSED!!!! I’m beginning to think the French don’t like Mammoths, we checked on the internet and it was open! We arrive and not only is it not open but it appears to have been closed for years!! Luckily we were able to see a good extent of the ruins and it was interesting to note that they had a round tower followed by a square tower, then round etc etc. The round towers had curved roofs on them and with the metre thick walls this must have been a castle to reckon with in its hay day. Having done our best with the pictures we followed the road out of Pouance and turning a corner we were greeted by the most impressive sight of the Castle walls, towers and turrets in what appeared to be excellent condition. Please nice French people open this castle back up, it would be well worth it.

It was a disappointment and annoying given that we do try and check opening times on the places we want to visit but onto the next place and we were hopeful that we would do better. Heading to Loheac and its Motor Museum seemed like a good idea if it was colder but with temperatures well into the 20’s we might seem a bit mad! We needn’t have worried as it too was CLOSED!!!!!

Woolly says – Now I was very disappointed, I had my Car I Spy book at the ready and nothing to check off. I climbed back into Oliver and sulked for the next 10 km’s even though Jo put some Status Quo on the CD player for me (which made me sulk even more!!). Onto the last stop of the day, a Fortress De Largot at Elven, which looked amazing on the net and that’s how it would continue to look in my world as yes you’ve guessed it …..

Poor Woolly was having a bad day another place closed, with promises of an early stop and pitch and a nice relaxing evening we set forth for Carnac. Finding camping Les Bruyeres was easy and having checked in for 18 Euro a night (approximately £15.10 GBP) it was 26 Euro for a motorhome, we found a pitch and unpacked our soaking wet tent, sitting back for half an hour in the sun whilst it dried we looked at the maps for tomorrow when we go on a stone hunt!

Woolly says – well at least they can’t close stones, can they? Paws crossed, I’m off to check out the troublesome cider that we bought earlier!!!!!!

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7th May 2013
Settling in for the troublesome cider!

Closed again
A woolly mammoth can start drinking when every thing is closed. Too bad. Carry on and find a new adventure.
8th May 2013
Settling in for the troublesome cider!

You can take a Mammoth to water but you can't make it drink....much!
We always have plan b, c, d and quite often e at the ready, but sometimes we revert to plan Z, stop and start again the next day!

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