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August 19th 2016
Published: August 25th 2016
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El Toro in DAX

A Roman soldier abandoned his dog by a river in the area we now know as Aquitaine, France. When he passed through the same region some time later he found his dog in excellent health. It turned out that the dog had been cured of its arthritis by wallowing in the muddy banks of the river Adour. Today a thriving health spa industry pumps euros into Dax’s economy like helium into a balloon so that it enjoys a micro economic superpower status.

Dax is in the Basque region- French side, and bull fighting succeeds to deliver what rugby League attempts to provide at home. Matadors do not get caught up in scandals.

We missed the bull fight by a few days, but the pong of fresh dung was present in the vicinity.

Bulls don’t have a very good survival rate. And what happens to the bull afterwards?

Well for E5 we bought about a kilo of El Toro. When I cut the meat, the knife shuddered as it rasped through some muscular parts. There was surprisingly little gristle. Slow cooked in a <s>stew</s> casserole it made top tucker for a few days. El Toro might have been a bit chewy, but that gave us more time to enjoy the full bodied flavour, and to consider what a huge athlete he must have been.


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