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Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux December 6th 2005

Plane Ticket: $2000 Train Ticket: $350 Accomodation: $30 Lauren Getting Hit by a French Chick on a Bike: Priceless No really, it happened. One thing that we have learnt about the French since we have been here is that they are not only addicted to small cars, but are also generally mad, and have no desire whatsoever to obey general rules (whether it be openly smoking while standing under a no smoking sign, or driving on the footpath - i shit you not). Hence being hit by a bike - although I was drifting off, she definitely hit me, and then didn't even check to see if I was okay (which I was after I got over the fact that I GOT HIT BY A BIKE!) Parking is a complete nightmare here, and it seems to ... read more
More Bizzare parking...
Jak and Loz
Jak and Loz again.

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux August 4th 2005

I got intouch with my mate Olivier who I met in Bolivia last year and it turned out he was now living in a little surf town down the south of France so thought it'd be rude not to go up and visit him while I was close... well turned out it wasn't as close as I thought, but I made it there after a little mission involving a train, some desperate sign language and half a dozen friendly people who picked me up while I was hitch-hiking in the sweltering heat. France is cool, realy frustrating not being able to speak the language and having that ignorant feeling all over again(the list of things-to-do never ends), but it was awesome hanging out with Olivier and meeting all his friends and all their friends and playing ... read more
dutchies on a surf mish
no english or spanish but we had fun

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux July 17th 2005

They say all's well that ends well. That's a pretty accurate description of today. The day certainly didn't start well. I had decided to visit St. Emilion (35km south-east of Bordeaux) last night, and booked tickets for a 10:46 train. The train station in Bordeaux is actually quite a ways from the city centre, and getting there took a bit longer than expected. I still got there with about 15 minutes to spare however. That margin didn't last long when I discovered that the automatic ticket machines not only required the purchasing credit card to retrieve an E-ticket (expected), but didn't take mine due to the lack of a smart card chip (quite unexpected). To add injury to insult, on the second try, the machine decided to keep my credit card. Suffice it to say that ... read more
Regional Sports
Monolithic Church
Picture Perfect

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux July 16th 2005

I discovered today that wine tours of the Bordeax region are rather popular. So much so that I couldn't get a tour of St. Emillion tomorrow. I did manage to get on the tour of Medoc region today. The coach ride provided some pleasant views of the region (vines as far as the eye can see sometimes), and the tour stopped at two wineries - Chateau Anez (Haut-Medoc appellation) and Chateau Labégorce (Margaux appellation). The wines were quite good, though a bit more full-bodied than I'm used to at over 60% Cabernet Sauvignon. The tour showcased the pleasant aspect of Bordeaux wines. My desire to buy some highlighted the difficult and ugly aspects. First of all, the wine stores in Bordeax (the city) charge premium markups. I know, because I had comparative vineyard pricing for two ... read more
Chateau Labégorce
That's a Lotta Fermentation

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux July 15th 2005

Despite having spent five days there, I was reluctant to leave San Sebastian. The place just sucks you in and tries very convincingly to keep you there. On the bright side, San Sebastian is a day stop on the Busabout route. Translation: departure time is 3:30pm instead of 8am. Hell Yes. I didn't realize just how close to the French border San Sebastian is, and we had crossed over less than 30 minutes after departure. The whole trip was about four hours, with a couple of episodes of ER to entertain us along the way. Amazingly, I'm the only one staying in Bordeaux! I'm talking out of a bus of 40. I though I was hallucinating when the accomodation bookings form went around and "1 Day" was marked across the board. How can everyone else just ... read more
Moonrise Over Cathédral St-André

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux June 24th 2005

This is as accurate and honest an account of my time in Bordeaux as memory, decency and legality permit. It was a place and time where the laws of man and nature were momentarily suspended to permit me a gulp of life direct from the mountain source. From Berlin These are the exact kind of spirited, lively and attractive Spanish people I am born to love! They are the poster Euros, the new generation. I can't believe I ended up in a sleeper car with 5 of them! I wish they would shut the hell up and let me get some sleep! Sensing my exhaustion, the girl opposite me chews her lip and her eyes roll back in her head as she searches for the right words. They inch out, one at a time. There's drama. ... read more
VinExpo Map
Sweaty, Drunk and posing with a Millionaire

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux June 6th 2005

Here's the rest of the Bordeaux trip... bon appetite! Yesterday, I got up at 9AM, had a nice breakfast, and wandered into the city to find a gift for my wonderful host. I went down to the walking mall area again but veered off onto some back streets that ended up being quite lively, too-- I think I wandered into a more Asiatic sector of town by looks of the restaurants and such. It was great-- quite a different aspect than the stuff I'd seen earlier. I ended up buying a plant there for Nini. The shopkeeper at the plant store tried to talk to me in French, and I kind of understood, but mostly gave him blank looks and said "oui oui" a lot, though I had no idea what he was talking about. He ... read more
Virginie and Isabel
Pedestrian Street

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux June 6th 2005

(Sorry this took me so long to get onto the site. I wrote it a few weeks ago but just now had the time to get it online. AND my computer is really slow putting pics up, so that might be later still! Hope you enjoy reading of my final adventures in Bordeaux, though!) I hate good-byes. When I parted with Virginie (my pen pal) on the train platform this morning, I wished I didn't have to go. Strangely, although we've known each other for years, I feel I really know her now, and it's like I've met my long lost sister. We got along so well, it is now no wonder we wrote to each other for so long. This was the perfect end to my semester abroad, and I look forward to returning to ... read more
Bordeaux, France
At the fete

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux June 3rd 2005

Bonjour! I am now in Virginie's apartment, and so far I'm having a blast! When I got here on Tuesday (31st of May), I had a little trouble at first finding her in the train station. It was bigger than I thought! So I bought a phone card and gave Virginie a ring on her cell phone, and eventually we found one another. We kissed cheeks in the typical French way (I've done a lot of cheek-kissing the last couple days) and she then took me to her apartment. And so far it's just been tons of fun! First, she drove me around Bordeaux-- what a beautiful and charming city! It's right on the river, and the architecture is great! That night, she made me dinner and we watched Minority Report in French. The following morning, ... read more
Virginie at the beach!
Dune du Pilat
Arcachon, France

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