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November 8th 2009
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Ponte de Pierre BridgePonte de Pierre BridgePonte de Pierre Bridge

Over the river Gironde.
I can see why Bordeaux is now an Unesco World Heritage Site. It's stunning! Lots of 18th century architecture and a beautiful river to walk along which is particularly nice as the suns's setting. Sadly it was raining buckets the whole time I was in Bordeaux, so things looked a bit grey (actually kind of reminded me of London). The city is known for its wine, but alas I only drank the cheapest plonk I could find so I can't comment on its quality!

I stayed with my second ever Couch Surfing host Maxime and his flat mate Paul. They are very cool people! We listened to heaps of great music. They took me to a costume party with a 'funky' theme. Didn't exactly have much in my pack to choose from but (unsuprisingly) I was able to throw together a somewhat hippy outfit. Hehe. I'd been a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to talk with anyone at the party but I'd only taken 4 steps through the door and I was suddenly having a conversation with someone. They all spoke English! I had the best time ever. 😊 What awesome people.

So other than have great
Funky Party PeopleFunky Party PeopleFunky Party People

Before heading to the 'funky' themed party. The dude with the crazy wig was my couch surfing host Maxime. The other girl is his girlfriend Marine and next to her is Paul his flat mate. I don't know the other guys name.
conversations with my host and his friends what did I actually do with myself while I was in Bordeaux?. Basically I just wandered the streets (wow I sound like a hobo). They're such beautiful streets in some areas that's all you neede really. I also shopped for my new winter wardrobe. Singlet tops and skirts weren't going to cut it. Got three winter tops and a waterproof jacket. Had to forward my summer clothes to England for future use.

I did wander into a few free cathedrals and poked my head into the foyer of the opera house. If you like stained glass windows give St Michel Bascilica a look. It's pretty run down inside but the glass is gorgeous. Chunky with solid colours it casts its coloured light beautifully around the church. A wander along the river front is a MUST because you'll stumble across the highly photogenic Place de la Bourse.

I also spent one wet afternoon in the Public Garden. So much lush green grass! I'm seriously going to miss grass once I'm back in Oz. It's not exactly a huge garden but it has a nice cafe with a great view and everything is very neat and fresh looking. It also has a carousel for the kids. I'm seeing these everywhere!

So I think Bordeaux is definitely one of the most beautiful cities I've been to this trip. And I've gotta say that the people are great! Wish I could have stayed longer but was only there for the weekend. Perhaps I'll return in the future (when it's sunny). 😊

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Fountain des QuinconcesFountain des Quinconces
Fountain des Quinconces

At Place des Quinconces. There was a pillar with a statue on it but I liked the fountains around the bottom.
Tower in front of St Michel BascilicaTower in front of St Michel Bascilica
Tower in front of St Michel Bascilica

You can climb it but I didn't want to pay.
Best stained glass windows everBest stained glass windows ever
Best stained glass windows ever

Whilst the windows in this cathedral weren't sophisticated they cast the most beautiful coloured light around the St Michel's because of their big chunks of colour rather than detail.
Public Garden, BordeauxPublic Garden, Bordeaux
Public Garden, Bordeaux

Another Carousel!
Chocolate SculptureChocolate Sculpture
Chocolate Sculpture

I love the Chocolatiers here! So fancy and with awesome chocolate sculptures in the windows.

30th November 2009

Chocolate too good to eat
Lovely chocolate but who would want to eat it? Also love the stained glass. The bolder colours do make a greater effect on the floors, don't they. We didn't see much in Bordeaux as it was more just a stop off and sleep before getting the fast train to Paris. Dad says we weren't too impressed with the architecture as it was all the same. I can't remember it at all, so it obviously didn't make much of an impression. We didn't see much of what you're showing, although I do remember the fountain. We took a few shots of it. Glad you were able to have another couch surf and it went so well.
1st December 2009

I like it when an area is of the same style so things match a bit. Though it wasn't ALL the same. Doesn't suprise me that dad wasn;t so into it though.

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