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Europe » France » Aquitaine » Biarritz March 22nd 2019

Today, we went to Biarritz. We started with the aquarium, saw the seals (les phoques) being fed then had lunch. We walked to the lighthouse (le phare) but an exterior cleaning prevented our scheduled visit. We got some time to explore the beach and the boutiques, instead. We are now back at Largenté, ready for our Danse Basque initiation, followed by a professional Rugby match in the Bayonne stadium.... read more
Biarritz, la Grande Plage
After lunch
Super Dads!

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Biarritz June 15th 2018

Biarritz is a seaside town on the coast of France. It is famous for its beaches, calm seas, and url= surfing scene. However, it also boasts of a posh side: you will also find elegant villas, upscale restaurants, and multiple spas here. It may sound like an unusual mix, but it works. This French belle is certainly in a class of its own. The city came has become a famous beach retreat after Napoléon III and Empress Eugénie de Montijo discovered it. It has since become a favorite amongst holidaymakers. There are plenty of holiday rentals and apartments in Biarritz to stay in. We spent a handful of days exploring the area and we saw why locals an... read more

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Biarritz August 25th 2016

I finished my job in Chile, dramatically (that's a story for a different post) so I decided to travel, and where better than to the country of love, wine and cheese: France! I just had learned that as Chileans, we have a Working Holiday agreement, that let us work in France for a whole year. So I decided to leave Chile and just bought my ticket to Barcelona (way cheaper than to Paris). Now that I've been around two months in France (or in the Basque Country really), what have I learnt, how has it been so far? Here's a summary: 1. I've been sharing an apartment with 5 argentinians, much crazier and well travelled than myself. It's been fun, crowded and it has taken to build a lot of tolerance. I've loved it so far. ... read more

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Biarritz April 26th 2013

Biarritz. The cool, wet weather continued as we motored on westward about 160km toward the Atlantic coast. Arriving in the resort town of Biarritz, we headed directly for the lighthouse which lies on a promontory on the north end of the famous surfing beach. Some weeks earlier I had checked the weather conditions in Biarritz; at that time it was sunny and about 30°C. Today it was more like 8°C and wind driven rain coming off the ocean made it quite uncomfortable. It was certainly scenic, however, as the surf pounded the cliffs that bracket the beach, sending up great sheets of spray. Waves roared in on the beach and would have given an exciting ride to anyone who dared to be out there on a surf board – as one lone sole was. Returning to ... read more
Beach and Casino

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Biarritz January 18th 2013

It had been raining in Pamplona all week. Several outlying villages are flooded and some of the roads are closed. Luckily for us the main roads were not affected but the weather never let up as we made our way down to the coast and along to the French border. When we got to Biarritz it was quite easy to find our hotel, the oddly named Txutxu-Mutxu, which we presume is pronounce Choo-choo Moo-choo! We were very fortunate to find a parking space just up the road and we were soon in our room. The decor is a bit tired and pink in places, but we found the hotel more than adequate for the price, just over 50 Euros. The shower was wonderful, the pillows were soft and the quilt was very warm. What more do ... read more

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Biarritz June 15th 2012

Wed 13th First solid day of lovely sunshine today. When I packed I was expecting warm weather most of the time, so only packed a couple of pairs of jeans and jumpers. But while it hasn't really rained, it has been unseasonably cold - in Holland we had the coldest June day for over 50 years! So it was nice to finally get out some more summery stuff. Eugénie and I drove into Biarritz, and she gave me the grand tour. It's good timing, cos holidays haven't started yet, so it's not too crowded, and the beautiful seaside town was looking its best. It's a bit of a Mecca for surfers, who come from all over the world, which, as you can imagine, makes it all the ... read more
MG 2354
MG 2357

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Biarritz March 11th 2012

Leaving Bordeaux was hard. The train to Biarritz passed what seemed like sparsely settled farming lands and arrived at about 2:30pm.This was our first station not in the centre of town, where our hotel was located. We had to catch a bus to the town centre and walk a short distance to the hotel. It was lovely to see the sea again. Biarritz is also the hilliest town we've been to so far. It's setting is beautiful. The guy running the bar at la Carritz said it is busy year round and draws people from Spain, only 18km away; Russia, a lot more than 18km away; and Australia, a lot further still. The attraction is the mild climate (although it's 13 degrees today) and the surf. The Bay of Biscay is notorious for it's rough seas ... read more

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Biarritz February 16th 2012

Note to self: Look at train ticket after purchase to determine if indeed it isa train ticket. Sheesh! Left the Toulouse hostel (the one way in the bum-stink, to use my previous words) right when the sun, a bright, blood red-orange, peeked over the rooftops. Ah, that makes it all worth it. :) Took a train to Bordeaux where I got to witness myself, circa ten years ago. A mother set her young daughter on the train, waving at her through the window until the cars started to move and even then chasing them a little way down the platform. The girl blushed in classic embarrassment as the train pulled out and us fellow travelers smiled knowingly and perhaps just a bit patronizingly since we've all been in her position. Then she proceeded to explore the ... read more

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Biarritz June 28th 2011

June 6th, we left bustling Barcelona for the beaches of Biarritz, France. The turned from urban buildings to lush mountainous landscapes as we rove though the border of the Pyrenes mountains. We arrived late evening to warm greeting from our friends who had prepared a meal for us. We caught up over a glass of French wine before retreating our cozy bedroom in the lovely flat that we spent the next four days enjoying. June 7th, we got up early to visit the local market. It was just a few blocks from the flat. We entered the indoor market to find rows and rows of delicious cheeses, meats, fresh fruit, vegetables and wine (of course). We were spoilt for choice, which made planning dinner our biggest challenge of the day (I know you don’t feel any ... read more
Near the marina
Walking around town
Biarritz Market - fresh seafood

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Biarritz June 19th 2011

Biarritz, France15 - 20 June 2011 15 June 2011 - It is our 13th wedding** anniversary today ….and we spent the special day travelling from Toulon (arriving via our overnight ferry from Ajaccio, Corsica) by train to Biarritz for approx. 8 ½ hours – very romantic. **(It only seems like a little time ago but we were married NYC in 1998 with Kelly and Borrie as our witnesses) We had great views from the train of some beautiful castles and churches in Toulouse and Carcassone. We celebrated with the following special touches enjoying a homemade picnic lunch of Corsican ham with cheese = Le pain complet avec jambon et fromage, watching movies, reading French magazines (or trying to). Arrived in Biarritz to our 4-star hotel on the beach at 9.30pm and hit the pillows. P.s the ... read more
Angry Seas
Grande Page Beach
Surfin Safari - Cote de Basque

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