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January 31st 2010
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The French have their buttery delights under control
A group of girls and I took the bus over the border to Biarritz, France yesterday. We had seen the forecast of rain all day but thought, "hey, we deal with rain almost daily here in San Sebastian, so what's a little more?" It was fine when we first got there, but then it just kept comin' and comin'! We stopped at this very cute cafe/bakery in the morning where I had a warm, buttery croissant with jam and cheese. We then struggled through rain and language barriers to find a chocolate museum on the other side of town, only to realize that it was closed due to remodeling. Then we made our way back through the elements to the middle of town where we ate lunch. We decided to catch the 2:30 bus back since we were all just freezing and wet. Sadly, we got the times mixed up and the next bus back was at 6:45pm =( I just killed 4 hours walking around, went to the Casino (which to us Nevadans, is nothing exciting or impressive haha), and hung out in a cafe for a long time. Finally we got home and I was able to put dry
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French like their nudity, no? haha
socks on!!!
After coming back from France, I truly do not understand how people can travel and stay in places where they don't know any of the language! Mary and this girl Kayla were struggling to remember the few semesters of French they'd taken to get us by. Whenever we found someone who spoke Spanish it was like Hallelujah!!! I discovered that my small bank of French words such as 'grapefruit,' 'hairy,' 'thank you,' and 'do you speak English' will never be of any use to me. I also discovered that I am much more confident in my Spanish after seeing how much I truly can communicate! haha
Today I'm just doing some homework and studying for a midterm tomorrow. I have another Basque dance class tomorrow night and then Friday we're going to Guernica and then Bilbao to see the Guggenheim! Time is already passing so quickly! It's approaching a month since I left the U.S.... wow.

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We look like the next Spice Girls

Biarritz girls =)

trying not to get blown away

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