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Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bayonne March 9th 2019

Tag 1 #Eine reibungslose Reise mit Hindernissen & Illuminiertes Bayonne Am Vorabend hatten wir bereits alles gepackt, die Pflanzen in möglichst verdunstungsarmen Positionen in der Wohnung aufgestellt, und Namid hatte überall Klebezettel verteilt, die der Gießbeauftragten Andrea Hinweise auf die Vorlieben der einzelnen Individuen hinwiesen. Dann hatten wir den Wecker auf 4.44 Uhr gestellt – da würden wir wohl nicht besonders viel Schlaf bekommen. Genauer gesagt so gut wie keinen, denn Namid stand nachts fünfmal auf und ich konnte auch nicht besser schlafen. Bald mussten wir dann schon wieder aufstehen, schnell gefrühstückt, die letzten Sachen eingepackt, und dann ging es zu Fuß los zur Bushaltestelle. Der Ringbus kam zu dieser frühen Stunde pünktlich und wir waren fast eine dreiviertel Stunde vor Abfahrt am Bahnhof – man will ja schließlich nicht riskieren, gleich den ersten ... read more

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bayonne September 19th 2016

As I was saying when there was an error .... Journey went smoothly and it wasn't long before we were descending towards the red rooves and river of Biarritz. Mad my first pilgrim friend at the airport ?. Christopher hS just to usher high school and is doing the Camino before joining the army in December. I went out one door looking for a bus and couldn't find one. He went out one door looking for a bus and couldn't find one. I came back through another entrance to start again. He came in another entrance to start again. We were both carrying rucksacks and looking lost so we made acquaintance. Having decided to share a taxi to Bayonne we did a quick U-turn when we discovered it was 28 euro. Found the bus and paid ... read more

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bayonne June 13th 2012

So I'm almost at the camino start, and I have some wifi so here are some very impressionistic plusses and minusses thus far: Plus: I made it with all the stuff I left home with Minus: who knew you needed a visa to transit in Vietnam? (not me) Plus: the sunset at Ho Chi Minh airport. Minus: the homeless man getting a slapping from the security guard at Charles de Gual airport. All he did was throw a bottle of urine on him. C'mon Plus: women taking their dogs on holidays. On the TGV. Plus: France doing multiculturalism. A Polynesian in a French provincial city eating at a Moroccan meall. And the look of ecstasy on the patriarchs face as he bit into a brochette. Minus: writing a blog on my iPhone... read more

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bayonne July 16th 2011

Still having a great time in San Sebastian, we decided to join the USAC group day trip to Bayonne and Biarritz in the French Basque Country. We arrived in Bayonne, France at roughly 10am to be met by a great tour guide, who told that Bayonne is not just where the Bayonette was developed but was an ancient city dating back all the way to the Romans and middle ages. He spoke of the marrying of kings of England and wives that were always French, we visited a church that was classified as Roman Gothic and went to the center where major pathways to various cities and countries all intersected. We also learned that Bayonne was where chocolate became a major staple. We walked through a small Basque museum and then met back up with the ... read more
Tunnel to the city
The Church

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bayonne September 1st 2010

I was attempting to contain any urge to self praise until I'd at least gone up one mountain, however having just cycled 120 miles in 35 degree heat I'm going to give myself a little pat on the back. I'm also inclined to give myself a big slap, as setting off at 10:30 on a day like today was just plain stupid. I don't know how much water I drank, but towards the end I was filling up both bottles every 15 miles. Am now quite sunburnt and not really able to cool down to sleep. Shorter day tomorrow thankfully... read more
bayonne to lourdes 2
bayonne to lourdes 3
bayonne to lourdes 4

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bayonne September 7th 2007

This is to be a blog choc-a-hoot full of guest contributers. With such a multi-talented group of would-be journos scribing their 2 cents worth, I’ll leave my contribution centred on 2 topics: The RUGBY kicked off for us in Lyon which was abuzz with the fever of “the thinking man’s game”. The tournament came out of the blocks with an upset, “Le Cauchmar” (nightmare) read the headlines. Lyon was a sea of gold in the streets as the Wobblies faithful pranced around town, but the Japanese also had their ration of “hopeful” support. The game itself was very tight with only the bounce of the ball ensuring a Wobblies win. Luckily the ball bounced 91 times in our favour. (nb. Don’t you love how we speak in first person when the Oz boys are winning and ... read more

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bayonne July 7th 2006

I had heard the travel stories and seen the photos, but I was still amazed and looked in awe at the huge structure ahead of us. The Eiffel Tower was on the top of our list and considering we only had a few hours in Paris, it was the only item on the list. At first glance it was just a spire off into the distance, hiding in between trees, buildings and the city itself, but as we got closer the true size became apparent. Getting there on foot took us ages and we must have walked kilometres in its general direction until its view became clearer and we could see exactly how to get there. If you haven't seen it for yourself, and you must, the Eiffel Tower stands proudly next to The Parc du ... read more
Paris - Eiffel Tower1
Paris - Eiffel C&D
Paris - Eiffel Tower Queue

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bayonne March 27th 2006

Hay algo curioso en viajar a lugares donde no hablas el idioma principal. Sientes una especie de adrenalina, porque sabes que con la mayoría de la gente eres incomunicable. Si a eso se añade el extraño sentimiento de aventura que uno tiene al estar en un lugar completamente nuevo... Pues vaya que es una experiencia. Pero vayamos en orden cronologico. El lunes 27 si que me desperté a tiempo para tomar el autobus de las 7 a.m. Estaba oscuro, gracias al nuevo horario, lo cual produjo un fenomeno curioso: vi el amanecer y el atardecer en un autobus, sobre los montes que dividen Navarra y Guipuzcoa, entre las 7-8 am y 8-9 pm, respectivamente. Como sea, una vez en Donostia tomé un autobus directo hacia Bayona. No tomé fotos dentro del autobus para mostrarles, porque el ... read more
La Nive

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bayonne August 21st 1990

Unfortunately I didn’t make it was far as Bordeaux. I woke up in the morning to discover that my backpack had been searched and my camera, Walkman and sleeping bag had gone walkabout. For the second time I wanted to sort out the seedy looking characters in the corridor. I had a faint memory of being woken up by someone coming into the room and he had left straight away when he realised I was awake. He had obviously come back again later. Bastard! I decided to get off at the next station and report what had happened. As I was packing the bag I relalised that the films containing all my Nice, Monte Carlo and Venice photographs had been in the camera case and had gone as well. I think that I was more gutted ... read more

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