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Europe » France » Alsace September 6th 2007

Although technically there are a few weeks left, it seems as though summer is well and truly over. The leaves on the trees are starting to change colour, we haven’t had a warm day in weeks, and it’s starting to rain more and more. And even though I did spend quite some time travelling around during the summer holidays, it was nice to be able to come back “home” to Strasbourg in between travels and enjoy this city during the warmer months. Unfortunately for the Strasbourgois who decide to stay in Strasbourg for summer, there is a sense when you’re here that you are one of the ones left behind. So many shops and restaurants shorten their opening hours during the summer months due to the lack of trade, and some close completely until the end ... read more
Oh how I love them!
Jeebz in the Sunflowers
Sunflowers as big as my head!!

Europe » France » Alsace » Colmar August 29th 2007

August 29, 2007 I Live to Eat My Words I know we all eat our words from time to time. I just hate it when it happens to me. Before I left the US I know that I told anyone and everyone (my mom, my sister, Kim, Judi, Becky, Kathy d, Dave and Laura, Pete and Katherine, and dozens at PPMM) that while we were traveling on a budget that “I would never stay in a youth hostel, I was too old for that.” Well, we just spent three days in Interlaken, Switzerland…in a youth hostel. We live to tell…and we may not have been the oldest people there. (second and third but not first!!) After the Lucca experience, while at the Farm we made a reservation for our time in Switzerland. We also needed to ... read more
Switzerland 3
Switzerland 4

Europe » France » Alsace » Mulhouse August 24th 2007

FOUR COUNTRIES IN ONE DAY - PART I Tony and his mother arrived in France and there was an emotional reunion of sisters and a brother who had not seen each other for 50+ years. We collected our car which fortunately comes with a GPS (nicknamed Maria). We left France travelling through Switzerland, Germany and Austria overnighting in Villach (Austria). The weather was sunny with a thick haze over the mountains (mainly due to the fires in Greece) and we went through many, many long tunnels, some up to 6kms long. From Austria our journey took us through Slovenia and Croatia. With Maria to guide us the motorways were easy to negotiate, not so much the cars travelling at over 200kms. Then we reached Bosnia Hercegovnia and two lane roads shared with any form of transport ... read more
Our car
Bosnia Hercegovnia

Europe » France » Alsace » Colmar August 7th 2007

Our long weekend roadtrip now brings us South and East to Colmar, France (Thanks, Rick Steves for the tip). We meandered the mideval streets, drank some great wine and even better food. With a mix of French and German influence, the food is awesome. We didn't get to stay (sob), but continued our trip to the center of France to the Burgundy wine region (Bourgogne). Our hotel was in the little wine town of Beaune, France...surrounded by vinyards, a wine cellar and french restaurant on every corner. I was a little unprepared for TRUE french cuisine, but once I deciphered the menu and summoned up my bravery, it was very good. Nate is a fearless eater, and tried escarot and all the smelly cheese he could find. Our hotel, " La Panarama" was just on the ... read more
Colmar, France
Colmar vine house

Europe » France » Alsace July 27th 2007

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg July 21st 2007

Today we took a day trip to Strasbourg, which is right on the French/German border. I was very excited because I got to use my French phrasebook for the first time :) I couldn't tell you much about the car trip because first of all, I hadn't been to bed yet. Harry Potter was released at midnight and I'm one of those geeky individuals that waited in line at the bookstore (or in my case, what passes for a bookstore at the PX) until they were allowed to sell the book at midnight. I had been up all night reading it and finished the last of it in the car on the way to France. It was VERY good, by the way. If you haven't read the books yet you really should (I'm sure Matt is ... read more
A better shot of the cathedral
The streets of Strasbourg

Europe » France » Alsace » Mulhouse July 7th 2007

Plus de six mois après avoir achetés nos billets d'avion, la tension monte sérieusement... Plus que 7 jours avant de partir pour Paris le soir du 14 juillet. Les sacs ne sont toujours pas faits et l'on redoute le pire en ce qui concerne le poids des bagages, spécialement celui d'Isa... Premier pas : création de ce merveilleux blog, pour vous tenir au courant de notre périple. Les mises à jour seront (on espère) régulières. N'hésitez pas à  nous laisser des commentaires! Au fait, les photos se trouvent parfois en bas de page... ... read more

Europe » France » Alsace June 21st 2007

Last weekend Laura, Kristian, Lizette and I went on an excursion to Colmar. It's JB's hometown so he offered to show us around and then take us out to see the wine district so we made a whole day of it. I thought that after having seen the beautiful cobblestone streets and old German architecture of Petite France in Strasbourg that I couldn’t ever see anything as pretty again. Turns out I was wrong! Colmar is by far the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen. The entire city is like one giant candy town. Every street is breathtaking and the buildings are so colourful and detailed - I find it hard to believe that more people don’t know about it. We spent a couple of hours walking around the city, stopping to grab coffee here and ... read more
Laura, Lizette & Kristian
Maison des Têtes
Maison des Têtes

Europe » France » Alsace » Wittenheim May 29th 2007

GÜN 14 günlerden Salı: Rouffach dan devam ederek Wintzenheim diye şirin bir kasabaya vardık. Burası da Yüksek Ren havzasında Alsace bölgesinde yer alan bir kasaba Burası çok ilginç bir yer. Colmar ın batısında yer alıyor ve çok az yağış alan yerlerden biri. Munster vadisinin yarattığı hava akımları nedeniyle buraya pek yağmur yağmazmış. İsminden anlaşılacağı gibi bu Şarap yolunda tipik Fransız ismi taşıyan bir yer bulmak adeta imkansız. Anlaşılacağı gibi bu yöre uzun süre Almanlaın denetiminde kalmış ve savaş ganimeti olarak Almanya dan apartılmış gibi durmaktadır. Halkı mükemmel Almanca konuşuyor yanında Alsasça konuşuyor ve tabi Fransızca konuşuyorlar. Halkını genelde mutlu gördüm. Şarap işinden ciddi gelir elde ettikleri aç... read more

Europe » France » Alsace » Eguisheim May 29th 2007

GÜN 14 Günlerden Salı : Akşam üstüne doğru yuvamız Eguisheim e döndük . Önce meydanda oturup bir yorgunluk kahvesi attık. Bugün Şarap yolunda son günümüzdü. İtiraf etmenin bir mahzuru yok çok ama çok memnun kaldık. Bu kararı aldığımızda bu kadar eğleneceğimizi ve iyi vakit geçireceğimizi doğrusu hayal bile edememiştik. Aslında tesadüfen çok iyi bir zaman seçmişiz Bu aydan sonra buralarda yer bulmak pratik olarak imkansız. Her neyse her şey iyi gitti. İnşallah anlattıklarımız herkesin başına gelir ve neşeli günler geçirirsiniz. Evimize döndüken sonra, yarın ki yolculuk için biraz toplandık. Ve süslenip püslenip buranın en ağır lokantası olan "Trois Chateaux" ya gittik . Makul ölçüde bir lokantaya ne diye 3 şato ... read more

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