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June 29th 2016
Published: August 26th 2016
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St Petersburg to Haapassari Island to Kotka – 111nm

.About a 3hr motor out to Konstatine Island again to clear out...this time Vladimir was there waiting for us. He would've been there on our arrival, but I had sent him a message to the wrong phone number. Oh well, he helped us clear out, then sent us on our way with a hearty handshake. He is an amazing man, so helpful, kind and very humble. It was about 1230 when we departed, had to motor until about 1800 when the wind came in but we expected that. Once again we had to check in at different buoys, but after the roundabout, we were clear to head straight to Finldand. We had a good sail most of the night until we arrived at Haapassari Island in Finland to clear in. We arrived just after 0300, called in using the phone number on the customs dock and was told Customs would be down at 0800. Oh good, a couple of hours sleep then. Phil stayed up all night on watch, I popped up at hourly intervals or so, but he was happy to stay up – so a bit of shut eye was welcome.

Checkin was painless, we set the alarm for 0730, had a coffee and then at 0930, Customs came down to the boat. Had a cursory glance inside, took our passports and came back half an hour later all stamped in and good to go. From there it was a short sail across to Kotka where we will stay for a few days.


Kotka is beautiful. Interesting shower configuation. Just 2 shower heads coming out of the wall in a room. No curtains, no cubicles, communal showering. Then there's a door with a glass window that leads to the sauna room. So if you're in the sauna you can see who's showering. THEN, if you go out to the 'changing area' there's a window looking out to the marina, where people can also look in. Hmmm. Tell you what, I had the quickest shower and hair wash ever...always hoping no-one would come in for their shower. Fortunately this time I got away with it and had the shower block to myself. Still, I dressed in the toilet cubicle...just in case. Don't think I will get used to these communal showers, think I'll be showering in my swimmers if I come across them again...and apparently that's how they are up here. Guess I could also shower on the boat. However, on a positive note, the shower had excellent pressure and very hot water. AND the laundry was included in the price of everything got washed today!!!!


Kotka to Bockham – 35nm

About 1130 departure and headed off to a small anchorage. Had to weave in and out of channels, between small islands and atols and only once was I concerned about the depth. WE were actually going right between 2 channel markers when the depth started dropping. AT this stage I was down below navigating through the passages and watching depth. I started calling out to Phil and at 2.5m (from a healthy 8m) he started to put her in reverse...just as the depth started rising again. 3, 4...and back up to 8. Hmm, don't like that at all. Then, the entrace to our little bay was so narrow. WE knew it was only 3m in here so were expecting depths of under 1m. It only got to 0.8m so that wasn't too bad. Pulled up on a mooring in the middle of the harbour at 1800 and sat back for arrival drinks. Oh this place is so stunning. Tomorrow we will launch the zodi and explore, but for tonight, just happy to sit back, relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of this most beautiful bay.

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