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June 16th 2014
Published: June 16th 2014
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Reindeer selfieReindeer selfieReindeer selfie

Reindeer selfie
So we arrived in the capital city of Finland; Helsinki! This was the first day of tour where the weather wasn't on our side... we walked through in the pouring rain, but we weren't as devastated as some of our European friends who were less used to rain that ourselves.
Mixed feelings in the morning, not everyday you can say you're hungover in Finland, but it's not every day you're able to say you watched the opening game of the World Cup (until 1 in the morning due to time difference) on a ferry from Saint Petersburg to Helsinki! The worst part of the morning for myself was firstly trying to stay awake, but secondly mis-hearing that the taster I was about to eat was a sardine... and a sardine + a hangover = disgusting.

Our tour guide informed us that Finland didn't have a huge amount of history, it was once built by Sweden as a port, but was no longer needed. The afternoon was mainly an opportunity for free time. It was a strange transition from such a rigid, punctual and guided routine of Russia, to a more relaxed, 'do what you want' atmosphere. The weather was a
Fishing in HelsinkiFishing in HelsinkiFishing in Helsinki

Fishing in Helsinki
bit permitting, so after getting a few souvenirs and an end of trip meal with the rest of the society, we went to the free museum and had a great laugh! We saw old photos of snow in Helsinki, and had 'selfies' with the reindeer and equipment they had set up.

Overall, Helsinki was a great day, we thought it was a shame the weather wasn't 100%, but still had a great time.

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Skiing in Helsinki!Skiing in Helsinki!
Skiing in Helsinki!

Skiing in Helsinki!
There were lots of snow related pictures in the museumThere were lots of snow related pictures in the museum
There were lots of snow related pictures in the museum

There were lots of snow related pictures in the museum

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